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Overuse of the word "Mythic"

Player Feedback

Reading through the playtest I must say it's really interesting and a LOT more comprehensive and flavorful than 3.5's epic levels.

I just have one issue.

The word "Mythic" pops up hundreds of times. Constantly. Everywhere. I know this is the name of the book but really there's a lot of similar words that can be found in a Thesaurus. A good example of what I'm talking about is the feat "Mythic Paragon (Mythic)" Mythic is already part of the feat's name(as with all Mythic feats) and "Mythic Paragon" could be called "Legendary Paragon" or "Unstoppable Paragon" or "Dwarven Paragon". Some other word that denotes badassery would really be appreciated in some of these cases, it just makes the reading a bit easier. When I'm looking at my character sheet and I see four feats in a row that say "Mythic [Blank]" I'm going to get confused for a little bit, but if I see "Paragon of Badassery" and "Supreme Spells" I'll know what I'm looking at immediately.

Something that may come out of this is that the word mythic itself starts to sound boring like "Awesome" or heck, "Epic". If you hold the reigns on that word it will still retain its power to the reader and the player, but if you have the word on every single ability instead of something else flavorful and interesting it will get tiring and old.

I hope I don't sound preachy, I will buy this book even if the word count includes 90% "Mythic", it's just a minor point of frustration for me.

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There is a valid point about the overuse of the word "level" in the base 3.x games.

Indeed. It's not really that big of an issue, but I just shared some opinions with my friends and this came up a lot.

Shadow Lodge

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Cheapy wrote:
There is a valid point about the overuse of the word "level" in the base 3.x games.

Just thought I'd leave this here.

Gotta love Order of the Stick.

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