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Racial mythic paths?

Player Feedback

Sovereign Court

I love what i read thus far.
Now, the feat Dual Path is so good, that everyone will want to take it, so i think that it will be nerfed.
On the other side, i see lots of mythic abilities could stem from various races.
Dwarves could gain damage reduction and become more stone-like, be masterful crafters of metal and stone and similar stuff
Elves could do some magical stuff...blahblah

I know adding in racial paths would be a lot of work, but for some reason, it seems very natural to do so.

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Its probably beyond the scope of the play test/final document but I suspect the Mythic Vampire Template is probably a good base line for Racial Mythic Paths.

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Well, any mythic character will only get 5 mythic feats total, so while Dual Path will be popular with some (Trickster, I'm looking at you), others will have no need of it.

I do agree that it's in the upper part of the power scale for the feats, though.

I'd like to see this, if only so there'll eventually be rules for playing a mythic android.

No, really, it's a playable race (Inner Sea Bestiary, p.3).

I would pay so much money to be able to play a Mythic Dwarf.

Mythic elves and humans for me. Dunedain, anyone?

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