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Good Summoner path?

Player Feedback

Giving the Mythic Paths a quick scan, I'm not sure which one a Summoner would want to take. Most of the Summoners I've seen focus on combat via their Eidolon.

Guardian has I think two Eidolon buffs, but most of the combat buffs affect the PC. If you don't fight yourself so much as hide behind your big monster guy, that doesn't help.
Archmage focuses on spells, but if you're just using spells to buff your Eidolon, that doesn't help.

I would advocate for the addition of a path that transfers much of the Mythic Power to the companion. This would obviously work for Summoners in particular, but I imagine also for certain archetypes of Druid, Ranger, and Witch that place a lot of emphasis on the animal. (And would also make a great Dual Path choice for a Diabolist, for instance.)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Marshal and Heirophant works particularly well with the Eidolon.

Painful Bugger wrote:
Marshal and Heirophant works particularly well with the Eidolon.

I'm going with heirophant for my Kellid "god-caller"....the term was already used in the lost civilizations book anyway ;)

Unfortunately, Hierophant is not an optimal choice, since its Mythic Spell, Endless Power and other abilities apply to divine spells only.
Indeed, some Path Abilities should be shared by the Archmage too, such as Mighty Summons and the ones that affect Eidolons and Familiars.
After all, if an Archmage Conjurer can't have Mighty Summons, it's quite odd.
Well, it's true that adding those abilities to the Archmage list would give it a too wide choice, compared to other paths, but that's a different matter.

I'm trying out Guardian for a Mythic Summoner. And I have a 16th level Summoner leftover from my Carrion Crown game.

Gonna pit the Mythic against the standard in an arena-style fight. First building a Mythic level 10-tier 4 to get the hang of things. Then I'll up it to tier 6 and send them in to battle.

Both of them are about the same level of unoptimized. Not going with Mythic Spells. I expect the standard summoner will be running around screaming while trying to fire her bow from behind the cover of her giant snake. If the mythic summoner falls off of her eidolon mount then it'll be all over. The six levels of difference in terms of evolutions might be the deciding factor. Who knows. It might be horribly lopsided.

I can already see a problem with wealth per level. Clarification question: Is the wealth of a mythic character based off of their level alone? Or is it level+tier?

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

One of my players is having this same issue, he plays a synthesist and is looking at guardian to make himself neigh invincible. But I agree with his assessment, that none of the paths seems truly to jive well with an arcane warrior.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The mythic paths aren't complete, for now they pretty much concentrated on core classes.

Summoners are already a mythic class. =)

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With the playtest rules as written, a dual path focus is virtually inevitable. I would probably go for some combination of Archmage with either Guardian or Hierophant. One problem that has already been discovered is that, even with the pet boosting path powers, the eidolon lags behind his master in terms of power. A mythic summoner, to a greater extent than other classes, would gladly trade in most of his mythic tiers for actual class levels.

Urist The Unstoppable wrote:
Summoners are already a mythic class. =)


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