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Can you change the name of the Mythic Playtest forums to include some label indicating such?

To clarify: when I look at my flattened display, I see "Pathfinder Society General Discussion" in the forum column. I would like the Mythic forums to say "Mythic Playtest General Discussion," etc. If possible. It would make things easier (for me, at least).

Thanks. :)

Paizo Employee Digital Products Assistant

And done! This should display properly in flattened view now :)

Groovy! Thank you.

FYI, that's working now for the MPt Gen Discussion forum, but not for Player Feedback.

Paizo Employee PostMonster General

We only add the name of the parent forum for forums named "General Discussion" since we have several of those. We only have one "Player Feedback" forum so it's not necessary there.

Ah. Well, then, my suggestion is to change that policy. ;D

FWIW I don't think it would clutter, at least in Flatten mode, since each entry takes up several lines; there's plenty of room for the ones that do include the parent forum. But whatever works.

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