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Are the rules for fighting while mounted really confusing?

Rules Questions

I am awestruck by how inscrutable these rules are.

Even when I parse them out ever so carefully, I still don't understand how this is supposed to work. I've read some guides on the topic, and I'm still at a total loss.

When making a mounted charge, the mount takes the charge action, right? Does the mount get an attack in addition to the rider on a Ride-by-attack?

Ride-by-attack says "a standard charge"... what is a non-standard charge? Does this exclude Pounce? I'd be happy if it did, but there's nothing really to indiciate that this is what is meant. Or what a "standard charge" is at all!

Trample. There are at least three of them. Let's look at the feat though... Do they mean when the mount attempts to overrun? Is it his action or the rider's? Do I use my CMB or his or what?

Does the ride skill really include a series of three ride checks on a failure with DCs so low they only matter at level 1 or unskilled?

I've agree with my GM that we're going to do our best with the intent of the rules. I'm not angry, but I sure would appreciate it if this gets cleaned up some day.

Have you looked at 3.5 articles about mounted combat and mounts ?

Start there and read all of them on the subject ,them help me alot when I was running Sir Kevin the halfling cavalier and his trusty mount Bacon the boar

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