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Optimizing AND balancing help


Hey all.

In my group we have a slightly odd tradition that the players can be GM in 1 scenario or 2 in a longtime campaign. We call this GGM (Gues Game Master).

As Head GM (HGM) I need a character to play in theese scenarios.

Here are the rules of charakter creation:

Race: Human only
Stats: 23, 19, 16, 13, 10 & 6 (the 6 MUST be in con)(human bonus included)
Feats: at lv. 1, 5, 10, 15 & 20 an extra teamwork feat is given.
HP: Max at lv. 1, 5, 10, 15 & 20. at other levels reroll 1's
Gear: 1 item at max 20K gold, and 4K to spend as wanted.
Archer wanted
Starting lv. 5 (would like progression planned to lv. 8-9ish...
After 3rd session a complete retraining of feats/spells & skillpoints is allowed.

Allowed Books: CRB, APG, UC & UM

My suggestion:

Str: 19 - Dex: 24 (lv.4) - Con: 6 - Int: 13 - Wis: 16 - Cha: 10)

Favored class Ranger
Traits: Reactionary & Sacred touch

lv 1: Barbarian - Toughnes, Point blank shot & Stealth synergy
Light armor prof retrained to improved initiativ
Medium armor prof retrained to Quick draw
Shield Prof retrained to rapid shot
lv 2: Martial artist Monk - Dodge
lv 3: Martial artist Monk - Combat Reflexes (and evasion)& Deadly aim
lv 4: Ranger - no feats
lv 5: Ranger - Mobility & Shake it off & combat style(Precise shot)
lv 6: Ranger - Endurance
lv 7: Many shot
lv 8: Weap focus longbow OR vital strike

My main reason to pick Barbarian at first level is the extra HP, and more speed. I also get the option of rage (2 rounds) for higher con if needed.

Monk is giving much needed save boost and evasion at the cost of 1 BAB

Ranger is the type I really want...

Gear: 20.000 max item: lesser bracers of archery & armor+3 (my calculations made this (9000+5000*1,5=16.500GP))
4000 = Composite longbow +1 (+4 str rating)
a greatsword as backup in case of melee (quickdraw and low con/HP)

any suggestions?

forgot to mention... I don't want total optimizing... it need to be balanced so melee and defense is possible...

2h30m??? really?? no1?

1. I assume other characters have Stealth synergy and Shake it off?

2. How are you retraining the armor and shield profs?

3. Do the other characters also have a 6 in Con?

1. Yes

2. A houserule allows a complete retraining of feats (and oter stuff as written in OP) after 3 sessions... in CRB under armor and shield prof feats, special it says theese feats are granted to some classes (including barbarian) as bonus feats

3. No, the other plyers have diffrent dumpstats... the game is created with very high stats and very low stat. We agrees that the dumpstat must be diffrent from all chars. In this lottery I got con.

With the rule to put a 6 in con I'd make a reincarnated druid.
So if I die I come back for free.
Note that after reincarnation humans automaticly get a bonus to con instead of whatever stat they got their bonus to originally. So if you are reincarnated as a human you'll have con 8 after that.

Never buildt a druid b4... how would you suggest the proggression??

concentrate on a build idea (melee, ranged, out of combat utility, whathaveyou), read the various druid guides in the guide-guide sticky at the top of the advice forum.

simply: set your stats, grab your tiger animal companion and maul things, while you assist while wild shaped as a dire tiger.

get wild magic feat, planar wild shape feat, the "wild" enchant on any armor/shields you get if you get high enough level/money to afford it.


really though, druids have lots of directions they can go in.

Decided to go with my initial build...

A 6 in con is a weakness I will RP, and having a free reincarnation seems a bit cheap to me (for this char)

however, theres no reason to fokus on melee, and we are caster heavy already... hence the ranged ranger.

thanks for the input anyway :)

Really, with all that multiclassing, and with one massive stat, I'd strongly consider a Zen Archer monk over a ranger. Still take that level in barbarian if you must, but I'd consider urban Barbarian if you go that route.

Put that 23 in Wisdom, the 19 in dex, buy a wis-boosting headband and win at life.

Although I may have missed the window of opportunity to be useful to you. :/

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