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Welcome to the Adventure Feedback Forum!

Adventure Feedback

Paizo Employee Lead Designer

This forum should be used to post thoughts, feedback, and playtest notes on the sample adventure included in the playtest document, as well as any other adventure you might have taken part in that uses the mythic rules. Posts in this forum should focus on providing feedback on the playtest session as a whole and not focus on specific rules elements overly much. Comments and feedback on specific rules for players and GMs belong in other forums. Please make sure to check the forums to see if your topic has already been covered elsewhere before starting a new thread, and please be civil to your fellow playtesters.

I want to take this moment to thank you for playtesting and welcome you to the world of Mythic Adventures. I’ll see you around on the forums.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

mmmm good idea, this reminds me there in 99´one DM plays with some rules similar to this ones... with the name of "Real Levels" and, the adventure was good one (every player character has an alter ego rival, and must challenge each other for the goodsake of the world...

after that (2003), i manage a lot of "semi-prestige class" which give to every class some abilities like "Flurry of Guns" subclass... sort of archetype you propose in APG but, they rise the XP needed to level up.

now with this rules, i can imagine to where this will ends and i can sugest one or two things:

at the reading of this file:

1.- Spells: drop the spell system and create new one, maybe spells focus on change the enviroment instead doin´ clasical d6 damage, casters without spellslots, maybe some sort of class abilities like spells (shadowcaster from tome of magic comes to my mind as example)
we need to figure how make functional the casters, to me theyre broken with spellslot system or manapool system... maybe like Arcanist from Diablo III or something more suitable at the table

2.- Movement rules: since 3.0 the movement rules are so poor of flavor... when the skill tricks come out in Complete Scoundrel, they reminds me the capability of characters with the D% dice (less paper and rolls, pluses, etc. more interaction the players with the combat system) with the cmb and cmd fix it a bit but...

3.- The Mythic options for monsters are good but can be more awesome, actually maybe i gave to my monsters this rules since now, to playtest it and i promise a feedback.

Its a good and intrepid proposal Congratuñations!!

i made my first Mythic character: Ranger 5/Marshal 1 and will play it sunday and tell u what i think about.

Questions: how i know my character fits for a Mythic Path?
there some kind of prerrequisites?

Sovereign Court

Nope, you get tier 1 and choose a path. Done.

this will be a great sort of playtest... my group are agree with do it in the carrion crown AP which we are playing

Scarab Sages Contributor

I'd add to that that the notion of ascension to mythic tier denotes some clear transition into a more powerful mode of adventuring. Frex, the sample adventure clearly indicates Erastil's blessing for the near future. In my playtest, they'll each eat from the Hanging Gardens, from the tree of Immortality. And off they'll go getting killed by a plethora of mythic challenges.

did u notice the option for Sleep spell tier 8th?
that are a great idea for a story with an entirely town fall asleep so the players need to solve it!!

as in many film...

this mythic option is a good idea, but the over power has none sense, maybe with the feedback it can be beter!!

that +20 on initiative is awful at all

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