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Welcome to the Mythic Adventures Playtest

Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

Paizo Employee Lead Designer

This forum should be used to post any general thoughts or feedback you might have on the Mythic Adventures playtest. In this forum, you will also find any announcements concerning the playtest.

If you have specific feedback on a mythic path, monster, the sample adventure, or any other rules element, please post it in the corresponding Player Feedback, GM Feedback, or Adventure forum. Please make sure to check the forums to see if your topic has already been covered elsewhere before starting a new thread, and please be civil to your fellow playtesters.

I want to take this moment to thank you for playtesting and welcome you to the world of Mythic Adventures. I’ll see you around on the forums.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

Paizo Employee Lead Designer

I also would like to note that all NDA's concerning the Mythic Adventures material, that we have been holding since Paizocon are now lifted. Note this only refers to the Mythic Adventures book and the workshops that I have personally run. All other NDAs are still under effect.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing

Thanks. Now it is time to download. :)

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