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Opinions on the Ultimate Combat called shot system.

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

So, I'm always looking for ways to deepen the combat rules to give straight martial characters a few more options than "I hit it with my weapon". I've tried to come up with called shot systems myself, and I know the typical responses to such suggestions, and that most people will say it slows down combat and that most propositions are just imbalanced.

I looked at the called shots from UC recently and was wondering what people think about this one. I thought it should be a little more balanced than most of my ideas because dismemberment is extremely unlikely at best and it just inflicts temporary conditions mostly, i thought its a nice way to give some choice to the average martialist.

Also I thought it might be nice to combine with my clinging system, instead of having the auto threat i described there.

So what do you people think of the UC Called Shots rules?

No opinions whatsoever?

I would especially like to hear from people who have used it.

Just looking at it, it seems like it would be strong at lower levels but not useful at higher levels(due to it being a full round action for 1 attack).

It would be decent against low AC targets, but not worth using otherwise.

I noticed that espacially hampers viability for multiple-attack builds (such as TWF and natural weapons). So at the very least you would say it isn't overpowered at higher levels, which is already a good thing in my book. Maybe i could also house rule something to make it a little more interesting at higher levels, like reducing the attack penalty by two for each 5 points a character's BAB is above 1. So with each iterative attack they get in a normal attack, a called shot becomes more precise (but still comes at the expense of your additional attacks)

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