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Microscope RPG?

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Has anyone else tried out the Microscope RPG from Lame Mage? Designer Ben Robbins calls it "a fractal role-playing game of epic histories". It's not a traditional RPG...more of a historical story-telling game with RPG elements.

We've been playing with it a bit and have been having a lot of fun. I've posted some of our sessions on our group's blog.

The most interesting is a four-session two-player game exploring a sci-fi history featuring psionic powers. It has gone in directions we never expected. Here's the most recent post. It contains links to writeups of the first three sessions so you might want to link from there to the first post so you can follow the thread.

Our goal, sort of, is to create a setting that we can perhaps explore using a more traditional RPG system. But, that said, we've had a blast just creating the history using Microscope.

Would love any thoughts on what we've done and would like to hear about others' experiences with Microscope.

Scarab Sages

Trying it out tonight while my weekday group is between campaigns. I'm teaching it after just a read through. I'm thinking of trying "Competing Secret Societies steer the course of civilization" as my History Seed and seeing what genre the others would like to fit that to.

Cool. Would love to hear how it went! Missed your post because I haven't been checking back here much.

Here's out most recent post:
The Aizium stockpile...

If you click on the "Microscope" tag in the tag cloud it'll also bring up a couple of sessions we did with a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. We haven't been able to play more in that one but it was going in an interesting direction, IMO.

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