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The Enchanter BBEG


Shadow Lodge

Disclaimer, if you play PFS and don't know which NPC this is, you probably shouldn't read further.
Consider this: A bard caster is used to convincing the masses with charms, compulsions, and magicked speeches (ie. perform: oratory bard). The PCs have discovered that this bard is running a criminal underground organization, and have shown evidence to the city council (in her presence). After the (level 2) PCs have been given approval to arrest/kill her, she retreats to her quarters with the intent of packing up her plans and schemes, and run. Unfortunately, the PCs follow her and she has but a moment to drink a potion of invisibility before they enter her room.

Now that the PCs are here, she's going to have to kill/incapacitate them before she can get all her stuff out.

Her abilities:

  • Standard level 5 bard class features
  • 2nd level - enthrall, hypnotic pattern, suggestion
  • 1st level - cause fear, charm person, lesser confusion, sleep
  • poor martial ability, and a dislike of being in melee anyway

All of her spells are Will Negates, and she needs to get charm person off to not die quickly from action disadvantage. How would you run this encounter?

I would start off berating the PCs while invisible (starting up inspire courage at the same time), then open with a Charm Person on whoever seemed like would have the lowest will save and would be the most dangerous to the party (remember, she's had at least an hour to observe the PCs before they come to her). After that...what? It looks like all the best options is to spam charm person on as many people as possible, then suggestion (I don't know of any good suggestions, aside from possibly 'leave the room and guard the door to make sure she doesn't have any minions come in to help her').

Is there anything else I'm missing?

the mod i believe starts with glitterdusting the strongest PC when they appraoch(if I have the mod correct). Suggestion can also devestating. Tell the PC to place thier armor in apile some fall off corner. If they are out of the fight atleast a 11 rounds. More if they want to put it back on. The bow he is good with and the dcs are rough. My PCs opened the door in a group and all but one were blinded the whole time/ SO if you can put the fight against a spell castor with his bow the fight will be rough on him. Ready action for a spell or before he gets cover could wreck a castors day.

Shadow Lodge

She doesn't have glitterdust, so you're thinking of the wrong encounter. It doesn't matter which encounter it is, I've said all of her relevant abilities.

How do you word the suggestion to tell a PC to place his armor in a corner and make it sound reasonable?

I thought this was city of strangers.

You do not need it reasonable. If it VERY REASONABLE they get -1 or 2 to the save. You can suggest them to go buy a potion. They would spend the next 5 hours trying to do that. Nothing is going to very reaosnable at the start of a fight.

Shadow Lodge

The suggestion must be worded in such a manner as to make the activity sound reasonable.

I was asking how you'd word it.

Serum wrote:
The suggestion must be worded in such a manner as to make the activity sound reasonable.
I was asking how you'd word it.

Suggest to him that it's heavy (hopefully he's not a dwarf) and that he needs to rest. He's out of breath and heart is beating fast.

Suggest to him that he's just walked through an acid trap and needs to take it off.

Suggest to him that he's very tired and it might make a good pillow for a quick nap.

Well if you want to play that they would want to agree to it. Then the spell is worthless and no one would take it. I look at the "Asking the creature to do some obviously harmful act automatically negates the effect of the spell." As what it consideres unreasonable.

Sovereign Court

Wouldn't casting spells like Charm Person break the Invisibility?

Shadow Lodge

Ascalaphus wrote:
Wouldn't casting spells like Charm Person break the Invisibility?

Indeed. In fact, using any of her spells will break her invisibility. The invisibility just gives her a surprise round to cast a spell in.

Shadow Lodge

In fact, Charm Person, Suggestion, Enthrall, and Hypnotic Pattern shouldn't explicitly be starting initiative. When the PCs use these spells in a non-combat environment, the GM doesn't call for initiative, so if the BBEG wants to use them, I'm tempted to only start combat when the PCs initiate it.

Have the PCs find an empty room and when they try to leave she slings a spell on the last one out.

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