Twin Fighters: TWW & Archer Archetype.


So 2 friends and I are going to be playing in a Campaign where each of us are going to control 2 Characters.

I have chosen to take the "Martial Combat Elements" of our Party and build Twin Brothers both Fighters one with the Two-Weapon Warrior Archetype & one with the Archer Archetype. To save us trouble we are using the same 4d6 Method Stat Rolls for both character under a Player.



TWW Obvious Choices:

-Two-Weapon Fighting Tree
-Starting with a Longsword & Shortsword/Gladius combo

Archer Obvious Choices:

-Basic Archery Feats
-Starting with a cheap Shortbow and getting an Adaptive Endless Ammunition Longbow/Shortbow ASAP

This is the first time I have dealt with these two archetypes. Any advice besides the obvious will be greatly appreciated.

With those numbers it is really hard to make a bad character. But now that you can take 15 in charisma you could take the Eldritch heritage feats. There is a good guide to TWF with fighters you should look at it.

I should also note that none of us are going for Optimized Builds. It is more of I have no idea how to play these Archetypes.

I do know I won't be going for my normal Vital Strike with my TWW.

My advice (besides the obvious) request a point buy instead. Playing supermen is no fun, a character cant be amazing at everything or it gets tedious.

A normal PF point buy is 15. Heroic is 20, epic is 25.

You "rolled" a 74. Congrats on each character having the stats of 3 other characters.

edit: this is so you don't completely overshadow your friend playing the other 2 characters at well....everything.

They actually rolled higher than me...
The one who is going to be our "Caster Section" has 18,18,18,16,16,16 & Our "Skill Section" has 18,18,17,16,16,16. Yes we all had a laugh at this fact. The God player is even more godly.

Add to it ALL major NPCs will be using a Modified Stat Array to be equal to our level of power.

NOTE: If we do go Point Buy then it will be 30, 35, or 40 Points. We are apparently going to be playing lesser Demi-Gods in a World where Gods Walk the Earth...


Video of all those rolls or it didn't happen.

Krodjin wrote:
Video of all those rolls or it didn't happen.

We all rolled in front of our GM. She was stunned when we all rolled like this. Onoy thing she could say was: "This will be interesting..."

And kinda hard to take a video of the dice rolls when the closest thing to a Video Camera is 2 Android Smartphones that can't take a worthwhile photo let alone video.

Quite literally you can even make out our shirts designs on this thing even when taking a photo.

a TWW is a good choice in some aspects for a twf fighter, but i would tell your friend to just roll a standard fighter, it would be a better choice and youw ould only really lose the ability to use your bow for maneuvers.

and even better choice then a standard fighter is a mobile fighter. you can build for both melee and ranged and lets you really jack up the field.

I am playing both of these. And the Archetypes are meant more for flavor and the tactics to be used with them.

So far we have my 2 Fighters, A Wizard and a Cleric. A Bard and a Rogue/Ninja(they aren't sure which one yet...).

oh i misunderstood. i would still suggest mobile fighter over archer spec, but if some aspect of the archer is appealing then i would suggest focusing on the CRB feats first, then adding in aditional feats like clustered shots later on.

the best archer feats are CRB feats.

The only Melee primary characters in the entire Party are my TWW and the Rogue/Ninja.

Thankfully we are mostly going to be fighting outside or in Courtyards and places where we can easily turn our weaknesses into strengths.

Mostly the thing that caught my eye was the ability to use any Bow without provoking AoO. That way he doesn't have to worry as much in Melee later on.

I'm thinking of making them Half-Elves or (thanks to the way this world is set up) Human and Elf. As both parents will most likely be Half-Elves.

Also: CRB is where I always look first for Feats.

Okay sorry for Double post.

But here is what I am thinking so far:

Two-Weapon Warrior:

Race: Human
Final Stats:
STR: 18
DEX: 15
CON: 17
INT: 18
WIS: 16
CHA: 16
Level 1: Two-Weapon Fighting
Fighter 1: Two-Weapon Defense
Human: Double Slice
Trait Trade-In Feat: Toughness


Race: Human
Final Stats:
STR: 17
DEX: 18
CON: 17
INT: 18
WIS: 16
CHA: 16
Level 1: Point-Blank Shot
Fighter 1: Precise Shot
Human: Rapid Shot
Trait Trade-In Feat: Toughness

Any ideas on the Equipment I should get for them? They each get Average Starting Gold. And a free Fighter Kit from UE.

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