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What was the name of that tool?


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Okay MONTHS ago some threads were floating around about dungeon prep and such and its not on Ashiels Guide discussion page like I was hoping for, but a poster (Ravingdork, I think) mentioned a kind of universal multitool esque item that could be used as a shovel, crowbar, etc and I just wanna know what it was called and its source please so if anyone knows then let me know thanks =D

I think you're looking for the Traveler's Any-Tool from Ultimate Equipment.

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RumpinRufus wrote:
I think you're looking for the Traveler's Any-Tool from Ultimate Equipment.

That sounds like it could be it however I do not own UE yet and its not on the SRD...can anyone possibly throw some exact quotage and price please??

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Traveler's Any-Tool:
This implement at first seems to be nothing but a 12-inch iron bar lined with small plates and spikes. It can be folded, twisted, hinged, and bent, to form almost any known tool. Hammers, shovels, even a block and tackle (without rope) are possible. It can duplicate any tool the wielder can clearly visualize that contains only limited moving parts, such as a pair of scissors, but not a handloom. It cannot be used to replace missing or broken parts of machines or vehicles unless a mundane tool would have done the job just as well.

The any-tool counts as a set of masterwork artisan’s tools for most Craft or Profession skills (although very specialist crafts such as alchemy still require their own unique toolset). It is an ineffective weapon, always counting as an improvised weapon and never granting any masterwork bonus on attack rolls.

250gp; 2 lb.

I hope that helps.

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Ravingdork wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

I hope that helps.

Why yes it does help indeed....THANKS RD!!!!

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