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Alternative Item Creation Feats

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

I tend to run campaigns where magic items are something special, largely relics from a bygone era, the technqiues for creation having been lost and are slowly being rediscovered. The existing item creation feats didn't feel that they gave any flavour to the world so I've started creating some new ones.

Essentially there are three branches to the tree, covering charges, single or multi-purpose and power level.

The feats are:
Personal Single Use (replaces Scribe Scroll): allows the individual to create single use items that are activated through spell completion or spell trigger, the item is consumed on use.

Universal Single Use (replaces Brew Potion)[Prerequisite:Personal Single Use]: allows the individual to create single use items that can be activated by any means but is consumed on use.

Charged Use (replaces Craft Wands) [Prerequisite: Personal Single Use]: allows the individual to create items charged with a single spell or effect using the trigger mechanisms learned in the single use feats.

Permanent Effect Binding [Prerequisites: Universal Single Use, Charged Use]: allows the individual to create items with a single spell or effect using any trigger mechanism.

Multiple Effect Binding [Prerequisite: Charged Use]: allows the individual to create charged [or permanent if Permanent Effect known] items with multiple spells or effects. Prior to unlocking this secret, the creator was unable to bind more than one effect to an item.

Medium Item Creation [Prerequisite: Charged Use]: allows the individual to craft medium magical items, before this only minor items could be crafted.

Major Item Creation [Prerequisite: Medium Item Creation]: allows the individual to craft major magical items, before this only minor and medium items could be crafted.

There's obviously still some work to get through to assign apprporiate levels and to sort out some of the differences - I know Scribe Scroll could be used to scribe 9th level spells, which this system won't allow (but I don't intend to prevent Wizards who choose not to create items from scribing 9th level spells).

The intention is to give more variety in low power one shot items but make the crafting of powerful items something that a wizard should dedicate themselves towards, I may consider giving the feats as bonuses as the result of adventure or navigating through organisations (from v3.5 PHB2)

Thoughts, ideas etc most welcome :-)

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