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Magic Item Caster level USE

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Grand Lodge

I just wanted to make sure I was doing this right:

A level 20 Wizard using a Ring of Animal Friendship...

Ring says CL 3.

Does this mean the ring acts as CL 3 when used; i.e. Charm Animal as level 3...


Yes, the ring acts as CL 3. The save DC for the animal's Will save would be 10 + 1 (the spell level) + 1 (the minimum casting stat modifier needed to cast Charm Animal) = 12.

The wizard ONLY uses his own caster level when activating a staff. (Or a wand, if he has the wizard discovery "staff-like wand").

Otherwise, use the item's CL.

The CL of a magic item is also it's caster level for any spells it casts unless it states otherwise. Note: I do not remember seeing an example where it states otherwise but I guess it could happen.

Staffs are an exception to this in that they use the listed CL or the caster level of the user whichever is greater.

- Gauss

There are some class abilities that let you ignore that. Like the Songhealer archetype for bards, who can use Cure X Wounds wands at their own caster level a few times a day.

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