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Darkness and Darkvision

Rules Questions

Hey so I am planning a couple of encounters for my low level party and want to use Dark Creepers and Dark Stalkers for a couple of things. When I was going over the spell "Darkness" it makes no mention of darkvision being able to see through it, however when I was reading through "Deeper Darkness" it said that not even Darkvision can see through "Deeper Darkness" is this a misprint or something? I do have the first edition of the Core Rulebook and don't know if that is in any errata. This will be a key part to the encounter as they will be going through an underground passage to a dwarven city, led by dwarves, so if they can see through it it will really be helping the party out, as well as one half orc who is in the party, so this is pretty important. Again please let me know if Darkvision can see through Darkness but not Deeper Darkness. Thanks again!


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Darkvision is not hindered by the Darkness spell.

Darkvision is hindered by the Deeper Darkness spell.

Sovereign Court

There are five levels of light:

Bright > Normal > Dim > Darkness > Supernatural Darkness

The darkness spell brings the level of light down one step, but cannot take darkness to supernatural darkness.

The deeper darkness spell lowers the level of light down 2 steps and can create supernatural darkness.

Only supernatural darkness negates darkvision. At all other levels darkvision works normally.

Remember than no mundane light source functions within the area of any darkness spell so when you throw it up ignore torches, lanterns, candles, etc unless they are magical light based off a spell with the [light] descriptor AND is a higher level than the darkness spell cast.

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Ok that is what is meant, thank you very much! This will help in explaining things. I am somewhat new to GMing and I am playing with players who have never played before so I want to make sure the rules I give them are correct.

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