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Crafting a magic item

Rules Questions

Example is Belt of strength +2,+4,+6. Requires the spell bulls strength to make.

To make an item do I need the spell available?
i.e. Can someone else cast the spell other than myself?

Or can I just increase the DC by 5 for crafting the item even if I do NOT have the spell available.

Also what if i have say a potion of bulls strength. Does the DC stay the same now?

Or does it still go up 5 because I didnt have the spell memorized to cast.

A scroll would work, but not a potion. You can increase the DC by 5 per prerequisite, but you must have the proper feat and caster level.

To my knowledge, a potion, scroll or wand wouldnt work. Since they all emulate the functions of the spell, so its pretty clear that you cannot craft them without the spell, by increasing the DC as per RAW. Thanks for the input though. :)

Anyone know if this applies to wondrous items, and rods as well?

You don't need the proper caster level. You don't even need to be a caster. CL just sets the craft DC of the item.

Yes you can craft an item without the spell. Each spell required that you do not provide will increase the craft DC by 5.

The only thing you need is the proper craft feat.

SRD wrote:
In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting its prerequisites.

Well, by RAW, I think that's just scrolls, potions, and wands. Wondrous items usually use command word or use-activation, which is in a separate category on the chart for Magic Item Creation, so I think you can make any of those without the spells if you can make the crafting DC. Metamagic rods I think can be made without the metamagic feats they give. I'm not sure if rods and staves that cast spells are spell-trigger, spell-completion, or use-activated.

Thanks guys. Just making sure it was legal. :)

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