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Midgard Campaign Setting (Kobold)

Product Discussion

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Anybody using the setting "as is" for their primary gameworld? If so, any ideas on some good adventures to use?

I'm still poring over this tome, and I have begun to fall more and more in love with it. As much as I love Golarion, she may have a rival to share me with...

BTW, I meant any adventures other than what Kobold Press has out already.

Also, I am considering starting a Play-by-post set in Midgard at some point, so good ideas may have a reward!

I'm probably never going to use it "as-is" because I'm not a fan of the clockwork stuff, but I have run most of the adventures from Tales of the Old Margreve and I'm looking forward to the new stuff.


How much conversion do you want to do? Columbia Games old Harn modules have a very medieval feel but a lower magic level (plus lots of good small town maps... ). But they may be hard to find these days (showing my age... ).

Old Man

I'm definitely using it as my primary (and only) game world. Pretty much as-is too, I've yet to encounter anything I don't like enough to remove.

I will second the Tales of the Old Margreve, and also the Streets of Zobeck adventures are great. Then again you probably already know about those if you're considering only non Kobold Press stuff. If you haven't looked through them, I definitely recommend it. We've played through a number of the SoZ and ToOM adventures, and they've all been a blast.

I'm planning on running the Northlands Saga adventures (Frog God) in (drumroll...) The Northlands at some point.

I've also been debating introducing my players to Rappan Athuk through the Cloister of the Frog God adventure contained within. I haven't decided where to set RA... possibly across The Wall in the Gardens of Carnessa, although I think that would work equally well a number of other places including some swampy part of the Goblin Wastes. I like putting it "beyond the wall" since it explains why the legends of RA don't appear among the widely-known legends of Midgard. Perhaps some great mage of Allain recently uncovered proof of its existence in a long-forgotten tome in an ancient library of Bemmea or something...

Also, I might run Way of the Wicked. It takes place in a large "British Isles" type kingdom, and I figured the most obvious place in Midgard for it might be to just put the entire thing off the western coast, thus adding to the Midgard map and furthering the Europe-like geographical layout of Midgard.

Also, there's a PFRPG conversion of Court of the Shadow Fey coming too, which I'm looking forward to.

My plan is to ask my players which of the above they prefer when their current PCs die.

If anyone has other ideas I'd also love to hear them. :)

I should add that I often liberally borrow "dungeons" from other adventures and re-cast them to fit the players and their current situation. It usually only takes one minor extra "adventure hook" and a change of geographical locale, and done. I've been doing this a lot lately. One-shots are easy to convert, it's definitely a lot more work to run an entire adventure path in a different "world" than what it was written for, but one advantage of Midgard is the diversity of the pantheon and liberal application of "masks" for the gods. If the adventure I'm running comes with different gods, sometimes I don't even bother changing the names, I just add a bit of lore that so-and-so is just a mask of Lada, or Khors, or Marena, or whatever. I haven't had a whole lot of trouble re-skinning anything I've felt like running.

Thanks for the tips, guys. I will check out the Northlands Saga too.

Breaking of Forstor Nagar could easily be slipped into the Northlands, nearer to Bemmea than to Vidim, if only to add to the remoteness of it all. Closer to Vidim, if you want there to be the fear of the Legion continuing south rather than through the Northlands or across the sea.


You could easily put From Shore to Sea off the coast of the Seven Cities or north of Barsella. Between Barsella and Bemmea is probably ideal, really.


Grimmy wrote:
I'm probably never going to use it "as-is" because I'm not a fan of the clockwork stuff, but I have run most of the adventures from Tales of the Old Margreve and I'm looking forward to the new stuff.

The clockwork is fairly limited to Zobeck and somewhat to the Cantons of the Ironcrags. It's not a large part of any other culture or region.


The Exchange Contributor; Publisher, Kobold Quarterly

Oh, and for what it worth, some new support material came out for the setting this week: the Pirates of the Western Ocean is seafaring material, new pirate NPCs, islands, monsters, and magic that fit neatly into any nautical campaign.

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I've been contemplating possibilities of adding even more Frog God/Necromancer stuff to Midgard, and have been recently pondering where to put Tsar and the surrounding 70 x 50 miles of Desolation. I can think of two reasonable possibilities.

SPOILERS ABOUND, if you are a player in Slumbering Tsar or Rappan Athuk, stop reading.


(1) rework the eastern side of the Goblin Wastes to include an extra mountain range (Stoneheart Mountains) and the city Tsar, and use the Bone Road as the north-south road, and add an east-west road connecting Tsar to the Canton Mountains. The story would be that the PCs are needed to 'tame' the Desolation, leading to a very lucrative trade-route between the Free City of Salzbach and Savoyne. I was even thinking that Tsar could be swapped with Caelmarth in name, and that the Tsar saga could be the story of how the great city of Caelmarth fell 400 years ago. It's story could contribute to the larger story of the wasted west.

The advantage is that Desolation and the Goblin Wastes are already rather similar, the Flensing Gulch works perfectly as the Chaos Rift. The Army of Light can thus have driven the Orcus cult west into the Ghostlight Forest (aka the Forest of Hope). Disadvantage is that the time period described by the Slumbering Tsar saga would now be rather more contemporary (400 years ago, as opposed to a lot older than that).


(2) put Desolation in the Rothenian Plain, along a possible trade route between the west (Zobeck, Magdar, Duchy of Perun's Daughter) and Vidim. I'd probably add a long mountain range to ensure that crossing Desolation would be required should land-based trade open up Vidim, and then I'd stick Tsar along that mountain range. Relocating Demon Mountain farther east would probably be necessary for this to work as well. Then I would re-cast Vidim as an isolated by fabulously wealthy kingdom with a distinctly Imperial Russian feel, but who's trade with the rest of Midgard is currently limited by reavers from the Northlands who control its access to the sea. Opening a land-based trade route could make the PCs and their patrons fabulously wealthy, and would make the rulers of Vidim very happy as well.

The advantage is that this part of Midgard is largely unmapped anyway, so screwing with the map is easier, and it maintains the feeling that in the north past Desolation is a wealthy isolated kingdom of mystery, etc. etc. Putting Tsar in the Goblin Wastes presents no such mystery as to what is north of it (everyone knows, it's the Grand Duchy of Dorning). The Forest of Hope would have to be put somewhere nearby. Maybe next-to or as a part of the Forests of Neimheim.

Webstore Gninja Minion

Added spoiler tags.

Thanks Liz!

I'm starting a game set in Midgard right now. Love the setting a lot though the game is mostly a Rappan Athuk dungeon crawl. I set the dungeon about a weeks travel from Zobeck.

The plan is to use Midgard as a backdrop to the dungeon and have occasional city adventures and restocking/Resurrection runs to Zobeck.

I also have to say Kobold PC's are fun!


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Best of luck with your campaign, Goldenfrog! I could see Rappan Athuk being near there. I love Zobeck, though I'm biased,of course. Kobold PCs are truly fun!

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