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I found a v3 copy of The Shackled City and want to PFize it


Has anyone done this? I like the Greyhawk setting, between the Hell Furances and the Amedio Jungle, so no problem with the geography. Any links for Sessarine would be helpful.

I'm not sure how to handle some of the class conversions for some of the NPCs and the plot itself. I am concerned that the party is going to get dumped into situations with TPK. Has this happened in other campaigns?

class conversions:
For instance, how do I handle converting the magic using assassins? Do assassins = ninjas? Also does v3 swashbucker = fighter? duelist = duelist?

There is an undead town not far away and some of the NPCs from there figure prominently in chapter when all the villians show up. How has that worked out? I get this feeling that nosey characters will indeed go tromping over yonder. . .

The Savage Tide AP had a player's guide that included a good deal of info on Sassarine. Probably a good idea to have handy. My players took a few side trips there (most shopping and selling of loot)

Although the 'undead' town is on the map, it never really comes up in the campaign... usually there were so many other pressing issues going on my players never even had a chance to go play curious cat there (though I had a nice side adventure partly mapped out in case they did). The evil adventurer guys links to there were never really revealed when I ran it, so that carrot never was an issue.

This AP, in general seemed quite deadly. Its actually part of the point for the first few chapters, as Orbias is trying to get them killed passive aggressively half the time.

I had 4 gestalt characters when I gm'd it and they needed every ounce of it sometimes... overall there were only 5 deaths (3 of which were to save or die type effects)

Not sure what pathfinderizing some of the characters would do to them, power-wise. But I'd be willing to wager a lot of this work has been done somewhere... have you checked the Shackled City message boards?

there are SC message boards?

Yup! shackledCity

Peachy! Thanks!

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