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Homebrewed Seer Traits

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Earlier today I was working on my backup Oracle of the Seer archetype, and decided to ask my GM if I could make some Traits on my own.

He sent me here to see what you guys thought of the traits i've made.

The first one is Seer's Cynicism:

Seer's Cynicism

Visions of possible tradegy has plagued you since childhood and as a result you've grown cynical.

You gain a +2 Trait bonus on saves against Fear effects.



Pre-Req: Oracle of the Seer Archetype

Since childhood you've had visions of the near, possible future.

Your GM may, As he sees fit, give you minor visions pertaining to the future. These visions can be anything from mundane things, "You gain a vision of yourself enjoying the soup you're about to eat" To potentially helpful, but often cryptic visions about the dangers you might face.
Wether these visions actually grant you a boon outside of the additional knowledge is up to your GM.

Now I'd like to know what you guys think of these Traits :)

Thanks in Advance.

They both seem fine.

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