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Freehold GM, It's time for The Mythic Playtest

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Before the Core Rulebook came out, through your kindness we got a group of then new friends to try the Pathfinder Beta rules, with the Mythic play test coming in a day, shall we once more unto the breach, dear friend?

Our friend who run and completed Age of Worms and Council of Thieves and I were chatting and I used several Intimidate, Bluff, Diplomacy, and Profession: Cattle Trader, rolls to get him to run a Mythic level play test.

He wants to run a much altered Savage Tide campaign set after the events of the failed/partial return of Kyuss from AoW.

Character level will be around 11, we start just outside Scuttlecove and in a few adventure will enter the Abyssal ocean. He will incorporate the Pirates miniature ship combat rules because he has some 200 ships he wants to place on the Sultan gaming table, counting you and I we have six other players including some regular PFS GMs (to be honest I think we have some 30 players who want in, but you sir, as they say, have 'dibs').

Your friends and numerous cliched gaming humor await, what say you?

Sounds good ,man! Unfortunately ,I dont have as much free time as I used to ,but I think Mondays- late ,like past 9- work best for me.

What mythic playtest?

Shadow Lodge

The one that starts tomorrow =)

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