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Sumo wrestler character?


Grand Lodge

Should I go with fighter (brawler) or monk (tetori)? Suggestions?

Sovereign Court

Conceptually, the Tetori. The Sumotori's "Chain" hand slaps are actually shoves with a forward momentum driving force of their weight behind. In Japan, Sumo is an ancient form of wrestling that preceded jujitsu (judo) and was the root form of many of its techniques.

As a single opponent control character, Tetori has some very nice unique gimmicks (ex - Grab ability, Inescapable Grasp is your ace.)

If you want to be more of a damage dealing uarmed striker, then make a brawler archetype.

So it really depends on your playstyle. If your focus is control or damage dealing.

The Exchange

Sumo is about movement. Sidestep the foe (i think there is a feat there somewhere for that) bullrush, re position. having a high CMB bonus on those is a must.
I miss watching sumo, people can joke all they want those men are athletes and scary strong. Watching a man PICK UP and THROW a 500+lbs man, damn

Dark Archive

Focus on Bullrush instead of grapple.

Sovereign Court

I am now thinking way too much about a Lantern Lodge Dwarf Barbarian(Brutal Pugalist) who is a Sumo. SO UNMOVEABLE.

Liberty's Edge

I have long wished I had time to play just such a character. I envision a Tetori monk who weighs about 350 lbs. I wanted to name him "Forever Mountain" after a sumo wrestler in a story I read once ("Three Strong Women", a Japanese folk story).

Liberty's Edge

I watched sumo on TV once. I watched for 15 minutes or so. First the wrestlers threw salt, and walked around the ring, clapping their hands and samping their feet. Finally the actual bout started, and lasted about 5 seconds. Then came the color commetary and slo-mo repays, from many camera angles. There are angles from which n one should ever see a sumo wrestler.

Shadow Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

I had a work-up done a while back. 4 levels of monk (tetori), and the rest fighter (lore warden). I like the tetori, but it gets too many good feats too late.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I imagine if someone did not want to play a Tetori Monk, a Brawler would fit their needs just fine for a Sumo Wrestler. Shoot for High Str and Con with CM focus on Grapple and Reposition. Also, I think in either case you want toughness, power attack, pushing assault, unarmed strike (if not already given), and improved/greater bull rush. Other nifty things would be Vicious Stomp, Improved Trip, Felling Smash, and Rapid Grappler

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

personally, I think Brawler would make the character more flexible for different scenarios whereas Tetori Monks are very narrow targeted in what you can do with them as all archetypes tend to do.

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