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Faction Mission Clarification

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Scarab Sages ***** Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

Hi everyone. I have seen some conflicting information concerning faction missions and I am hoping to clear this up for good. I am aware in the season 0-2 scenarios, if two different factions get the same mission and one of those players completes the faction mission it is considered complete by both factions. Would both players get the PP or just the player completing the faction mission?

Would this apply if there were more than one member of the same faction at the table and only one of them actually completes the faction mission?

Would the application of the faction mission PP be a GM call if the other member of the faction was working on the overall mission completion and the faction mission was completed by another within the faction?

Thanks in advance for the responses.

Dark Archive

Most missions can only be done once(like convice so and so to do this or pass x to Y) so it really doesnt matter who did it as long as it was completed. In the case of older scenarios where shadow lodge and cheliax might be technically differant factions, in the older scenarios just treat them as if they are in the same faction.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

Faction missions: If completed by anyone, the members of the relevant faction gain the PP for completion. Note that, between being able to ask for help on non-secret missions, and some missions being completed by action X during encounter Y, sometimes a faction mission can be completed without anyone from the faction being present.

Liberty's Edge

I as a member of Shadow Lodge would just like to express my extreme displeasure for having to default to the vile Cheliax faction for older missions. -.-


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Lily Orlovsky wrote:
I as a member of Shadow Lodge would just like to express my extreme displeasure for having to default to the vile Cheliax faction for older missions. -.-

the paracountess enjoys your displeasure.

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