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Is Revelation Strike on a Dark Tapestry Oracle worth it ?


Looking at just pure oracle , maybe a 1 level dip but ideally not.

I kinda like the idea of Revelation strike combined with Gift of madness for an attack that can leave the target confused while in your polymorphed many forms.

Unfortunately it comes with quite the feat tax to pull off

Improved Unarmed Strike
Revelation Strike
Weapon Focus (natural attack, prob claws or bite)
Feral Combat training

It feels very pricey and I get the feeling maybe i should just use the gift of madness as a ranged attack and if I want to get into polymorphed melee just do that separately.

I mean is 4 feats worth what is effectively being able to sneak in an extra standard action effect during a melee attack ? or should i perhaps look at spend those 4 feats elsewhere

thoughts ?

should I take that as a no ;)

That's not worth 4 feats by a long shot.

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