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Can you cast Enlarge person on an Aasimar?

Rules Questions

Grand Lodge

One thought in our group was since they were considered Outsiders they can't be enlarged. Thanks!

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No, they can not. They also can't be affected by Charm Person, Dominate Person, Hold Person, Reduce Person, etc.

Dark Archive

Kyle Baird wrote:
No, you can not. They also cannot be affected by Charm Person, Dominate Person, Hold Person, Reduce Person, etc.

Now that Aasimars and Tieflings are available for everyone, every GM out there should really know this. I got into an argument with a GM about this once who refused to believe it, even with the rest of the group reminding him that outsiders are not humanoids.

If the spell or effect says "target humanoid" it only affects humanoids.

Grand Lodge

Remember that some Aasimars may be able to be affected by the above list of spells, if they took one of the alternate racial traits, which makes them count as humanoid in addition or replacement to being counted as an outsider.

The Exchange

There are a few ways aasimar (and other outsiders) can be enlarged. See this thread A friendly heads up regarding Aasimar and Tiefling for details.

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