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Interest Check: Campaign based on Magic: The Gathering's Innistrad block


I am attempting to build a campaign and I would like to know other peoples opinions, help, thoughts, or other comments. I am opening it up as a recruitment, type of gameplay is popular vote. I will select the party either tonight or tommorow. I am on Central Standard Time. Make a backstory and be prepared for a long wait. I may never run it online.

Dark Archive

This sounds cool, however i dont know how you could pull it off. I do suggest a higher starting level than 1. Considering all the vamps and werewolves in innistrad, the PCs (me being one) is going to want to be a werewolf, vamp, ghost, zombie etc. Unless we are all vampire/creatue hunters, in which case is lame, especially considering that the population for normal humans in innistrad seems low compared to the amount of non human people

Nope. Just make your character legitamately is all I ask. Just have a reason for your character (presumably in the backstory) about why your character wants to restore a higher semblance of order to Innistrad. You could be an aristocratic Vampire, a failed experiment of a Skaab, or a werewolf. For whatever reason. If you want to be a Cleric or Paladin, so far your only deities are Avacyn, Sigarda, Gisela, and Bruna. if you know of other legendary creatures that should be worshipped by the other side of the spectrum, note them please. I will trust that you PCs can decide what domains would be be legit for each deity.

Also, we will decide how you are all together, and where, when we get things settled for play.

Dark Archive

I am all up for this :)

didnt read anything but the title but yes.

Dark Archive

Now i have to go and look through all the innistrad cards and decide what character i wanna build. Any idea on what level to start at?

Ideally between 5 and 10. I am not sure. It depends on the characters you make. Some may deal with enemies more easily than others, where others may be better off with outside of combat situations. we'll see.

Dark Archive

ok. I will continue to check this thread often to hear the updates on specifics so i can get a character together.

If I do not have at least four submissions by tomorow, I am not going to be taking them. I will still take opinions, suggestions, and other help or ideas in building this campaign. I will again call for submissions when it is ready to play, if I do not have enough tomorrow.

Dark Archive

Ok, well hopefully more people will

I will play. Please please please lol. Any alignment issues? And beyond the fact that we can flavor as vamps and what not any other crunch that might affect Backstory??

Dark Archive

I would assume he would disregard at least somethings with alignment considering Lycans are usually chaotic evil in their transformed state. Except for some like werebear.

Also what books are we using as its hard to make a Backstory if I don't know what class the character is.

lolz sup Varin, I'd be interested in this as well, I love magic but have slacked off and dont know much about this particular set and its lore (nothing a google search cant fix though).

Sup Ehad. Totally Thinking ranger party booster for this if the setup is allowed. Noble Vampire that wants to see the humans able to fight back and stand up for themselves so that they aren't wiped out. Someone to limit others deperdations..... Have a few other ideas too.

As long as alignments don't get in the way, I don't care. Anything you find on is fair game, withing reason. Obviously no Gunslinger. In Innistrad, vamps are more melee characters than rangers, but mayber we can work something out. I've got class, so I won't be back till around 4

Falkenrath Exterminator has something to say about ranged vampires. Will this take place before after or durring the helvaults destruction? That will effect werebeasts the most.

Was thinking battle scout..... And skirmisher. Not planning on ranged combat. If you give the vampires claws like they all seem to have on the cards then natural attack style if not sword and board. will work on more fluff as I sleep heh.

Dark Archive

I guess im the only one wanting to be a ghost or Lycan? lol

This will take place before the opening of the Helvault. I'm thinking of starting it between the middle-end of Innistrad to the beginning of Dark Ascension.

Dark Archive

awww yeah


Dark Archive

lol double bump

Silver Crusade

I'm interested. This could be fun. Could you use a druid who has lots of spirits around? Or is a ghost himself?

I wanna be a warewolf druid! Please and thank you

Well my buddy who is about to post wants to be a weredruid so I guess I can roll were too perhaps a pack lord

Hi Raashka

Dark Archive

Well, Apophyllite is ready. He is an earth elemental druid based on the Hollowhenge Scavenger card in Innistrad.

Hey what pointbuy are we using I have a couple ideas.

Darius Von Richter
Born to one of the few "human" noble familes. A bastard his father was never known to him and bus mother never spoke of him. He spent his youth hiding, fighting, and fearing with the rest of the humans. But on his 15 birthday the night of the full moon the vampires came for him and his mother. Darius felt the rage boiling up inside him how dare these things touch his mother, his servants, even his own flesh. He screamed at the sky and the scream soon became a howl as it shifted so did he. The vampires looked on having never suspected a werewolf was in their midst. When all was done there stood a werewolf not full of rage and hunger at everything but just at them..... He fell on them and tore them apart. Afterwards he fled the village knowing he couldn't stay. He has slowly been forming a pack ever since. One who instead preyed on the monsters. If the angel will not save his friends and family he will no matter what he has become. For now he seeks like mind others. For the otherthing he knows is that darkthings are stirring again and that without humans wolves and vampires alike will die out......

Dark Archive

"In the remote corners of Kessig, protection is found in secret powers unknown to the Church of Avacyn." (Ranger's guile flavor text.)

"Feeling abandoned by Avacyn, some Kessigers turned to the pagan rituals of their ancestors." (Favor of the woods flavor text.)

Apophyllite is an elemental that was captured for experiments. The experiments opened his psychic senses, allowing him to sense and befriend spirits. With their help and advice, he was able to escape. But his new gifts, and the experiments themselves, left him unable to go home to his fellow earth elementals, so he became a scavenger in Hollowhenge.

But while he loots the bodies of the dead, the spirits have instructed him greatly in the arts of medicine, and by watching the people in the forest at night, then gaining more instruction from the spirits, he has pieced together a form of pagan magic that borders on druidism.

When he is around living things, he offers healing with his magic, and fortune-telling with help from the spirits. He is beloved of animals, and he loves them. He has also learned to earn some infrequent income by writing and selling scrolls of pagan magick.

He also plays the pan pipes, because the spirits love it when he does. As he is trying to rediscover the lost old ways, he never followed or believed in Avacyn. But his tarot cards warned him of a coming time of evil. At first he dismissed it, but the cards insisted. Then the spirits told him Avacyn was missing. Knowing what was coming, Apophyllite embarks on a quest to find all other druids in Innistrad. Only by working together can they restore the old incantations and spells that kept Innistrad safe before Avacyn and her priests ever showed up, and he must do it before it's too late...

In terms of looks, he wears a purple traveller's outfit that he picked up from a dead person and stitched together, badly. Only the boots, which go up to his knee, aren't damaged in some way. His eyes are like tiger's eye gems, and he has wildflowers growing at the tope of his head where there should be hair. If you touch him, his flesh feels like smooth quartz crystal.

Apophyllite of the Hollowhenge is based off of the Hollowhenge scavenger card, an elemental creature with medical properties. He offers a party medical abilities through use of cure spells and the heal skill, as well as some control over animals.

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll consider it if the DM dislikes my character. I wanted to stay as pure to the cards as possible, and quite honestly, playing that race did not occur to me.

Hey mister hollowhenge have you thought of being the earth race from the arg?? You could say you possessed a human body and it changes to that for flavor and it would give you more lvls to play with rather than elemental hit die.... Just an idea

Meh its not so much about the cards as the flavor we are doing something that was never done in Innstraad trying to fix what sorens grandfather broke..... I wasn't worried about the em that much as your happiness playing it. I have played mobs like that before and its fun at first till you find out you can't keep up in terms of power then it sucks.... Played a Saytar bard in 3.5 racial hit die killed me never was good enough to help the party it sucked. That's why wolves and camps are awesome no hd to worry about and if we all or atleast mostly are one he can just scale up the encounters and pump the humans a bit and we are good to go lol.

But play what makes you happy that's always the best way man.

Would the dm object to a paladin set up around law I have an idea for Ulfric but need a bit of approval. If not barbarian it is lol.

My next idea

Ulfric "Wolfking" Thorne

Ulfric has run with the packs all his life. He has fought and slain his way to the top of his pack. But he has noticed something the prey is far less now than it was.... He has been looking around and fighting things in the shadows both undead and other.... He has come to the conclusion that the humans and the animals are dying out and something has to be done by someone..... That someone is him. He has proclaimed himself the Wolfking and has been working hard to add packs to his. His packs slay any vampires they can find and stay out of the two villages in his area any who break his laws are cast out and hunted to feed the pack. He gas started trying to trade with humans never letting them know him and his are the wolves they fear at night. One of the villages has stopped hunting wolves after finding vampires ripped apart in the snow and no humans harmed. He plans to rule all the packs one day. But for now he must prove his way is better lest his own packs drag him down.....

No more new entries. I will make my selections later tonight, along with answer all of your questions.

Giblingus Arturo Subversion Phil

Giblingus (gibz to the others in his hovel) has always loved animals. He loves the way their hearts beat, the way they taste, the way their flash moulds so easily under his grasp. He loves the way they twitch and skir at the first sign of danger. He loves the way some lash out with vicious aggression after a small dose of "Infusion F." He loves the way he can shift their form and create something new and beautifull. A rabbit with bird wings, why not. A wolf with all molar teeth why not. A human blended perfectly with a flying mantis, he saw that once and was a bit freaked out...but why not. There are no boundries for a man like Gibz in a world such as this. Outside of his hovel, the intellectual protection of his fellow alchemists, the world is wrought with death and undeath. People fear for their lives all across Innisrad. Gibz fears only that one day he will run out of test subjects. For this reason, he has decided to break all past norms, and leave the confines of his hovel to ensure that someone somewhere keeps enough people alive such that he wont be bored for all eternity. Noone said his idea was sound, he's a flipping insane alchemist for crying out loud!

Will probably go beastform vivisectionist alchemist, In the same lines as delver of secrets.

Ashter windwalker.

A tourchered soul forced to watch his everything burn to ash. While he survived he was horrably burnded. And is now covered in scars. Shamed by his looks he turns to solitude, the the woods. Becoming one with the wilds he becomes a druid, looking for the beauty in all things. Till one full moon when he was bitten by a lycenthrope and forced into another violent life. Now he wonders for purpose and a reason to accept his new perdiciment. Looking for those who would accept him, to be his new family, his new pack. To protect with is life and soul. Slow to trust but loyal to the end, regardless of his families ties and allignments.

Alrighty then. It seems we have werewolfs, an alchemist, and possibly a vamp or two. I think we will start the campaign with the creatures of Innistrad learning about Avacyn's disappearance. You will start at level 7 for now, and I hope that all of you will be able to keep holding on while I finish the campaign, unless you decide you would rather wing it. I think that because of the heavy wolf play, there will be less battles with wolves, and more against vamps, and possibly humans. Let me know when you can. Also, I need to know what kind of game you guys would prefer to play.

I'm down for any type of game really. I like the idea of fighting the gluttonous vampires. Necromancers would also be a main rival of Gibz as they ruin life while he just wishes to improve upon it. I could see us working for Markov perhaps. Or maybe a human revolutionist group. Though the lycans among us would have trouble fitting in. Gibz has no problem working for lycans either, assuming they don't try to eat him. Being a beastmorph, hes got a bit of animal stench to him so they should respect that. So i guess I want to try and make the world better, or at least less full of death and more conducive to experimentation. If the others want a more evil approach I'm cool with that. Just as long as we don't ally ourselves with any dirty Necromancers.

I meant how do you guys want to play. PbP, Skype, or something else?

oh word. PBP or me. With my work schedule its hard to get on at the same time every week, however i can get on every day at lunch break to post Pbp

If he is allowed to say he would like PBP. This would be his first campaign online. He was hoping he could be an elf druid with the wolf domain. Scared from head to toe and overprotective of those he calls family.

Pbp. And I will go wolf.

Dark Archive

I havent quite decided what i would like to be. I would have to see the specs on our character build before i decide.

Take your time, it could be a while before we start. Don't really know since none of you answered weather you wanted to wing it or if you wanted me to draw out a campaign.

Bit of both as far as what you have planned goes make an arc and we will play along it and find random side things to do lol. And just to confirm we are Lvl 7 but what pointbuy? Or do we roll?

Dark Archive

Baron of the Sands wrote:
Take your time, it could be a while before we start. Don't really know since none of you answered weather you wanted to wing it or if you wanted me to draw out a campaign.

I say plan some out but make room for adjustments

Varin Artusk Darkthane wrote:
Bit of both as far as what you have planned goes make an arc and we will play along it and find random side things to do lol. And just to confirm we are Lvl 7 but what pointbuy? Or do we roll?

Just roll. I do not care.

Dark Archive

any more on the campaign?

Not yet

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