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Campaign design - suggestions wanted

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

Ok so, the party has like, 7 different plot hooks hanging out there right now. Currently they're level 3. The end of the campaign is supposed to culminate in releasing and ultimately defeating one of the fey "elders" of the first world; I'm assuming this final push would start somewhere around level 14.

I need help getting from here to there.

The game thus far: the party has spent the last 3 levels roaming their home region of Bloodthorn Hollow. They ended a fey plot to destroy a city of dwarves and humans, then completed an epic journey through the wilderness area of the region facing several random "side trek" type adventures.

The current hooks involve a vicious fey hunter that needs to be caught, a horde of worgs surrounding their home town seemingly searching for something, a witch haunting the dreams of one PC's youngest sister, a wicked fey that's stolen one of 3 boyfriends of a PC and gotten rid of the other 2, a journal out there in the woods from another PC's dead father with a lot of anti-fey info, a tower rumored to be a permanent link to the First World and finally...a wererat rogue is on the loose.

Should I organize the entire region into a gigantic megadungeon with lesser dungeons here and there containing bits of crystal; do I attack them directly with one of these villains; should I go completely reactionary and let them drive?

You might want to let them choose one to start with and see how things might tie in from there. If there's some sort of connection between some of the events (like the witch, worgs, fey, and wererat) you could link them. There's no reason that the journal couldn't be found while investigating one of the other events.

The wererat rogue could get particularly interesting if s/he ends up being somewhat atypical for the species.

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Is this a 'hunter of Fey' or a 'fey who hunts'? How do Worgs interact with Fey? You have a lot going on and levels to spend developing this storyline. Great going!

Fey hunter: someone/thing is hunting down local fey, destroying them brutally, and leaving gruesome trophies of their work on display among the local woods.

Worgs: in this iteration of my homebrew I have their origins in the first world - either by some fey magic or having descended from wolves originating there. Over the centuries they've been used as minions and generals in goblin armies. Basically I'm using them as elites and the occasional exceptional worg can be a primary antagonist.

They interact as need dictates with the fey; either as minions, charmed agents, or savage hunters. I'd intended these 2 plotlines to converge as follows:

The PC whose parents died has just found out he had a sister that was stolen by the fey before he was born. She was going to be the Goblin Queen; a dark figure in command of a horde of goblins and worgs who'd sworn vengeance on the fey and was unknowingly continuing her father's work of destroying these creatures. Her agressions were to spark a war.

Now the witch is part of suggestion I made to the players through an NPC: when they recognize the components of a fairy tale unfolding before them they can rest assured the power of the First World is at hand. Now that could be just a metaphor, but I'd intended it as literal; if you're walking along the road and suddenly notice a talking frog, chances are the First World is bleeding into the material world somewhere in the area.

So going with that the little girl, who I've made a point of mentioning is fond of wearing a bright red cap, will be coerced to travel "Over the river and through the woods" to her "granny's" house. This will serve the dual purpose of getting the characters into the first world and revealing to the one PC that her grandmother was a hag.

The boy-crazy fey is new; I just threw it in while improvising last game. I don't really know where to go with that one. The journal and the tower fit together and are more plot devices to help set up the final trek there at the end of the game.

Then there's the wererat. Another session with improv, the party side treked and came across a miller who'd been cursed with lycanthropy and impressed into servitude by this rogue. At the end of the adventure they had the chance to slay him but failed to capitalize on it, so he got away. He swore "I'll haunt your DREAMS" but has been absent the last 2 game sessions while I figure out a way to work him back in.

So I guess I'm just stuck connecting all the dots right now.

I'm rather surprised you didn't have it be a werewolf with connections to the hag and the little girl with the red cap...

Perhaps you can have the boy-crazed fey find ways to 'improve' them by turning them into half-fey or talking animals or whatever?

If the PCs are also opposed to the fey, wouldn't the fey hunter be a valuable ally, even if he's brutal?

In Inu Yasha the crystal shards had additional powers. Maybe the wererat stole a crystal that enables him to enter someone's dreams. Most people don't remember most of their dreams.
The worgs, may be using crystals to take humanoid form. Maybe the boy crazy girl is actually a worg. The pack is trying to get her back into the pack.

OMG duble G; you just blew my mind. There are crystals which are death to the fey, called Feymereg. They are shards of a fey elder trapped in crystaline form and very cheesed off, then shattered. However they are powered by the First World energies and as such they COULD do anything.

My original intention was to have the party gather a bunch of these, bring them to the tower in the endgame portion of the campaign, and give them the choice of either launching it like a warhead into the First World or regenerating this trapped elder. What if the stones then, following your suggestion, have bizarre, random effects on non-fey?

I have the worgs looking for something and savaging fey in the name of their goblin queen. Why not then have them obtain some of these stones like you say, and then use their newfound "powers" to further their own goals?

I like the idea of giving one to the wererat too; helps explain why next time they see him he's got a higher CR. However I don't want to go dream with him.

In the background the overarching plot has to do with a fairy tale and 3 fey sisters; 2 were banished out of the first world to the Shadow and the Material respectively. The third is the elder that got crystalized.

So I was going to have the wererat work for the Shadow faction. I think I want him to control shadows, maybe give him a utility and a combat power with shadows.

That's cool too. What's worse than having a PC notice shadows following them, but nobody else does?

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