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Cleric - Classic Sun / Healer Build


20 point buy, only "Official" Pathfinder material. Campaign will run past 10 levels but giving me a guide to at least 5th level would help a lot.

I want to build a classic Sun/Healer. I would prefer Human or Aasimar but open-minded towards other races. Offense would be rare for my character with the exception involving the Undead.

I thought this would be easy to google search or find here but not the case.

Merciful Healer (Ultimate Combat) looked tempting but you cannot choose a second domain (Sun for example).

Any "classic builds" or links for this?

I would go Aasimar and see if gm is ok with alternate racials.. If so swap your daylight spell for an extra +2ability bump, wis/cha/con etc..
Depending on the campaign possibly swap ur resistances ard..

20point 5th level cleric, base aasimar and for a more casty one..

con-13+1at 4th

feats: selective channel, +2(imp. intiative,combat casting,extra channel are all good)

i would stay away from merciful healer unless thats all u wanna do is heal.. With Aasimars fav class option and sun/healing domains can be quite powerful vs undead with their channels.. If u have traits there's one that gives an extra channel per day that i would take for sure..

Thanks for the advice. I will look into the race alternate options.

After giving it some thought, Im leaning towards a dedicated healer. I read the link posted above and it had some great advice. Keeping it simple and staying with Cleric class (1-20). I will be doing ZERO combat. Are there any "Oaths" I can take to bolster this path... or magic items I should be focused on? A healing deity?

Anything I can pick up to boost turning undead since I can only choose 1 domain?

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