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Advice to start / convince / organize a pathfinder society in Regina Saskatchewan

Local Play

Dark Archive

I was at my gaming store about 3 weeks ago and found out the store co-owner had never heard of PFS till a week earlier. I was a bit shocked,and we talked about it and he said it could be something to look into. Now I'm guessing I might have to end up organizing or at least put a bit of phone work into setting things up. I know there's a province wide gaming organization, but it doesn't have any pathfinder event, a couple 4th edition but its mostly card and boardgames.
Part of the problem is I live in a small enough city, that I have a 45 minute drive to just get to the next city (Moose Jaw to Regina)to get my gaming material. So I have no idea, how well I could organize PFS.
Looking for advice, on any part of this... Is it do able just one person, ideas on convincing the store owners to help/sponsor. I'll take any advice I can get about now.
I'm figuring just off the people I know I could bring to the table my group of 4 plus me, plus depending on factors and timing another 7 maybes, and this is not knowing how many in Regina.

Sovereign Court *

First off I would like to say "I am glad to hear about more Canadian PFS activity!"

We actually just very recently got ourselves a local Venture-Lieutenant for the entire province of New Brunswick (who is doing an AMAZING job so far)! So don't worry too much about what might be ahead of you.
It's all pretty simple and alot of fun!

Heck, Regina isn't even all that small!! Our local society is getting some big steam in only a couple weeks ... and we are in Fredericton New Brunswick... 56,000people compared to your 193,000people.... and we are also the capital of our province as well :(

(for any of you non-Canadians who might be reading this)

At any rate, we got your back if you need any help starting up your local PFS!

The first real big step as I understand it is to really get in communication with your local gaming shop. They really do make the process fall together.
(and trust me as once-upon-a-time hobby/gaming store owner, building a local gaming community is extremely mutually beneficial).

If you can sell them on the idea of providing you space, people will come to play.

It can be as easy as setting up an event, posting a single notice in the store window and having only your four friends to show up in the beginning.
If your friends are willing to help DM on the first day this could go spectacularly. That way if more show up, you will have spare DMs to run multiple games, if no one else shows up on the first day (which is probably very unlikely) then at least you and your friends can have a good game. During which time people will almost certainly be drawn with curiosity to learn about what your playing... and might be interested in joining at the next game.

Anywho that's my 2 cents worth. I am certain there are more experienced Venture Captains and Lieutenants who can provide more detailed steps...

Keep posting! New Brunswick's PFS has your back!!

Dark Archive

Thanks for the vote of support Wamulus. There's two main gaming stores in regina that I'm sure I could convince. As well there's saskgames which is a province wide organization that I'm hoping to involve too. There's good potential...just working on planning so far.

Sovereign Court *

We were just up at our local store today, giving them a signup sheet and setting a date for a sunday startup game. We have three of us ready to GM if necessary, and tables set aside.

The process might seem a little daunting but moves along pretty fast.

Anything come of this?

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