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Goblin Inquisitor possible?


I am looking at making an inquisitor but I dont want to be a regular joe. I love the flavor of goblins but I an not sure how an inquisitor would work. Any ideas of the most optimal build for a goblin inquisitor. non evil of course since evil is normal for a goblin.

A goblin inquisitor sounds like fun, actually. In terms of background, maybe he wants to prove that goblins don't have to be evil, mindless, little monsters - even if this means taking out populations of goblins that truly are evil. And/or maybe he has a grudge against those who would enslave his people, such as hobgoblins, orcs, or anyone else that typically bullies the little races.

Being a goblin isn't easy, and if we're talking optimization I think you might have to make the most of the +4 racial to dexterity. Dervish Dance seems like a good fit if you want to do melee stuff; otherwise, try archery, but you'll have to be patient with your very small number of feats.

Optimizing your massive Stealth bonus is also not a bad idea, as you could serve as a good scout or sniper. You could take the Colour Thief trait for a quick +2, and the Heretic archetype adds your Wis bonus for both Bluff and Stealth. The heretic archetype might also fit really well with the right background.

While we're at it, the Heresy inquisition isn't a bad choice for your domain option. You get to use your Wis instead of your Cha (remember your -2 cha penalty) on Bluff and Intimidate, and get some rerolls for Bluff and Stealth (and Diplomacy, but meh). The once-a-day Bestow Curse is a decent debuff.

This lets you dump Cha and a certain amount of Str, and lets you pump Dex and Wis. You can get your Stealth up to +20 or more at first level, and be solid at Bluff and Intimidate, too - very handy for an adventuring goblin. If you want to be good with Diplomacy, too, try the Conversion inquisition, but you can get a lot of the same stuff done with Intimidate. Nobody expects the goblin to be the party face! (Or the Spanish Inquisition).

Otherwise, I'm partial to the Animal domain for the sweet animal companion, though having one tagging around with you might ruin your stealth advantage. It's tempting to go for a "goblin dog" companion, even though they aren't nearly as optimal as a lot of other options. A wolf is also pretty thematically appropriate, though they get awfully large. If you put a stat point into your companion's Int, bringing them up to Int 3, they can start buying teamwork feats to match your own.

so you are thinking weapon fines or ranged combat?

Dark Archive

If I made a Goblin inquisitor I would think of what are considered "monsters" for a goblin. I usually see inquisitors as a bit of jacks of all trades in combat, not really excelling at either melee or ranged, more like using the right tool for the right job. For feats I use thiings like quick draw, favored judgement, dodge, improved initative, toughness, teamwork feats- precise strike.

Goblins hate Dogs, so a dogslicer is a nice weapon, maybe one made of cold iron for those pesky fey types.

Goblins are not really into horses either, so maybe some kind of reach weapon for those.

Fireworks might be a good choice for a goblin inquisitor.

High dex, small size, I say go ranged. Your judgements don't require you be within melee range of anyone.

Want to be truly strange among goblin kind? Ride a dog.

Liberty's Edge

Goblin inquisitor: "Are you writing things down?"
Normal goblin: "No."
Goblin inquisitor: "Okay then. As you were."


Are there any teamwork feats that are good for ranged combat or would I be better off using the preacher arch type if I went bow?

The Exchange

The Teamwork feats that give you bonuses during combat usually aim towards flanking(One gives you a +4 instead of a +2, the other adds 1d6 of damage) but nothing says that you can't take the teamwork feat that allows you to use your ally's initiative roll as your own.

What's that? I rolled a nat 1 and you got a nat 20? Think again... I've got a nat 20 as well.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Dervish Dance, or adding the Agile enchantment to a Finessable weapon will allow you to go Melee.

Animal Domain will allow you to go mounted.

There are many gods with decent weapons too.

What kind of path you looking to walk?

Sirlink wrote:
Are there any teamwork feats that are good for ranged combat or would I be better off using the preacher arch type if I went bow?

If you're going for archery, I suggest something along the lines of:

1st level: Point Blank Shot
3rd level: Precise Shot, Enfilading Fire [Teamwork]
5th level: Rapid Shot
6th level: Target of Opportunity [Teamwork]
7th level: Deadly Aim
9th level: Manyshot, Lookout [Teamwork]

Don't even bother with Boon Companion if you choose the Animal domain; you just don't have the feats to spare, and hopefully your mount won't be in combat that often. Just be sure to choose a mount that starts out medium, as you won't be able to ride something like a dog until at least 8th level without Boon Companion. If you go without the animal companion, getting a huge stealth score may even allow you to do some sniping before combat starts, which can be a lot of fun.

Escape Route and Stealth Synergy may also be of some use to you.

If you go for melee, try Precise Strike, Outflank, and the like. Get yourself into a flanking position and go to town. An animal companion can really help you flank, and you can eventually teach it the same teamwork feats. You should also have room for Boon Companion by 5th level, even if you take Weapon Finesse and Dervish Dance at 1st and 3rd level.

I am thinking something along the CG lines glory freedom from oppression lines.
What about utilizing the repeating crossbow inquisitors are proficient with? they are expensive yes but have good damage and threat. is there a way to get more out of them than a bow?

I'm not a huge fan of the repeating crossbows, as they only hold 5 bolts before needing a full-round action to reload, and you can't use them in conjunction with manyshot. But they do allow you to dump Str.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I really like the idea of a Goblin Inquisitor of one of the Goblin hero gods, Hadregash, Venkelvore, Zarongel, or Zogmugot.

Liberty's Edge

Goblin Inquisitor: "How would you characterize your burning habits -Too much, just right, not enough?"
Regular Goblin: "Ummm...not...enough?"
Goblin Inquisitor: "Very good then, carry on."

How would Dervish Dance dpr stand? I would think that it would be kinda low being only 1d4 as a small creature

Well, it's 1d4 + your dex, which should start out pretty great with that +4 racial bonus.

With Precise Strike as your first teamwork feat, when flanking, you'll be dealing 1d4+1d6+dex. Take the Dirty Fighter trait if you like for another +1 trait bonus to damage when flanking and you should be averaging over 10 dmg per hit.

Importantly, too, you'll be very accurate. With Outflank as your 6th level feat, when flanking you'll have a +4 flanking bonus to hit, on top of your nice juicy dex bonus from weapon finesse, and a +1 size bonus.

You won't get many attacks per round, but Outflank will also get you the occasional AoO whenever your flanking buddy (or buddies) scores a crit; this is especially nice if your allies are using weapons with high crit rates. A friend doing a TWF build with dual kukris or something is ideal! ^__^ If you're choosing an animal companion, one with several natural attacks (a cat, for example) will do nicely, too, especially if its also learned Precise Strike and Outflank.

And of course you'll have your Judgements and Bane rounds. Archery builds eventually make better use of these abilities provided they have a clear shot and room to full attack, but you won't exactly be a slouch, either. Plus your allies will thank you for helping them flank, and possibly setting them up for synergy if they were smart enough to also buy a teamwork feat or two.

Yeah I see your point. When you add in spell bonuses on weapons. Like weapon of awe and flames of the faithful it adds up

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