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Soo.... Custom Classes... Yeah.

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

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So I ended up looking at one of the ones I had made for 3.5 and was struck by inspiration to convert it over for pathfinder. I did that, but I wasn't satisfied. After spending some time pondering the matter, I realized that its flavor was kind of stale. It was also only one of potentially many options, so I went to work reworking the class to fit a little bit better. Now I ended up with a class that feels about right but not quite, like a suit that's just too loose in one area or too tight about the shoulders.

If I posted it up here, could anyone take a look at it for me and give some suggestions? I am hesitant to just throw it up; I've seen some bad responses at WotC forums for 3.5 stuff people put up, and they had a whole forum thread dedicated to custom classes. (I think it was called PEACH)

There is Homebrew section here on Paizo messageboard dedicated to such things.

Ah thank you!

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