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Tattooed Mystic and Inscribe Magical Tattoo...

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Shadow Lodge *

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I was thinking about what to build for my next character, and something made me ponder for a moment, in PFS crafting feats are generally not allowed, and if they are granted, they are replaced by something else. However, the Tattooed Mystic from Paths of Prestige gains a crafting feat, namely Inscribe Magical Tattoo, an otherwise illegal feat from Inner Sea Magic, at level 3 in the class, now since the earliest entry into the class is at level 6, making the earliest access to this feat a level 9 character, the question still arises if it is intended for the Tattooed Mystic to get an otherwise illegal feat.

Admittedly, there are very few magic tattoos that can be crafted with the feat (I think only the 3 in Inner Sea Magic), and those are not very powerful. So rather then an oversight, it might be intended that the mystic gets to use the tattoos at half cost, but I wanted to know for certain.


I assume it's active. There is precedent for class-feature crafting to be allowed in PFS. Alchemists can still craft alchemical items, for instance.

Shadow Lodge *

Patrick Harris @ SD wrote:
I assume it's active. There is precedent for class-feature crafting to be allowed in PFS. Alchemists can still craft alchemical items, for instance.

Be that as it may, it's not just class-feature crafting, it's literally gaining the feat, even the ability to use it on others. Not that the tattoos are that great, two of them are once per day abilities, and the 3rd is an expensive scroll.

Liberty's Edge ****

/thread necromancy

Did we ever get a ruling on this?

I have a character that's about to take his first level of tattooed mystic and I'm curious if I'm allowed to craft magical tattoos and if so, what are the limitations?

Shadow Lodge *

Well you'd only be able to craft the three tattoos in inner sea magic

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Alaska—Anchorage aka Dragnmoon

So I am now curious about this since I am thinking about taking this prestige class.

Since the feat is not legal is PFS does the tattooed mystic loose his 3rd,5th,7th & 9th level abilities? If so we might want to rethink allowing the class to be legal.

FAQ it, baby...

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Online aka Iammars

Additional Resources wrote:

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Magic

Equipment: riffle scrolls (any spell augmented by the Silent Spell metamagic feat; price equals the spell's effective level x the caster's level x 25 gp); Feats: all feats on pages 10 and 15; Prestige Classes: A cyphermage replaces any Spell Focus feat for Scribe Scroll as a prerequisite, and may not choose the swift scrivener ability from the list of available cypher lore; the divine scion functions as written; Spells: all spells in chapter 5 except impart mind, and spellscar Other: all magical tattoos on page 16, both the spellscar and outer rifts oracle mysteries on pages 30–31 (the spellscar oracle does not gain access to the eldritch scar, primal mastery, or trigger primal magic event revelations), all archetypes on pages 32–43 except the primalist wizard archetype, with the following restrictions: only elves may be spire defender magi, a tattooed sorcerer may only use her create spell tattoo power during days spent in play (ie. not between scenarios), a vampire hunter inquisitor does not gain the silversmith ability, instead replacing detect alignment with detect undead; the Varisian Pilgrim does not replace her 8th-level domain power with Blessing of the Harrow.

Tattooed Sorceror =/= Tattooed Mystic.

You're confusing Tat.Sorc's 'Create Spell Tattoo' POWER with the Inscribe Magical Tattoo FEAT, which Tat.Mystic gains for free
(but Tat.Sorc does not, and doesn't gain any powers which interact with 'normal' Crafted/Inscribed Magical Tattoos).
The Create Spell Tattoo Power of Tat.Sorc bypasses the Craft Rules completely, it is zero cost and just a Standard Action.
(it invokes the IMT Feat just to define what a Spell Tattoo is, but doesn't actually depend on Crafting anything, thus IMT being illegal isn't a problem)

How the Craft Feat is meant to work is an open question,
if IMT is allowed as a bonus feat, it needs specific confirmation because no specific amount of time is passing between sessions AFAIK,
so you can not accurately gage crafting time vs. available time between sessions.
Trying to Craft during in-session game time does not seem realistic, although theoretically possible (?).

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Online aka Iammars

Ah. My mistake.

Since it seems that this prestige class is based of a feat that's not legal in PFS, it makes me wonder why the class is legal in the first place.

Yeah, the Feat itself is pretty important to the PrC, without it, most of the abilities are meaningless.
It does get one cool additional ability (Mystic Tatoo), but considering the PrC is not full Casting Progression,
I don't think it works well without IMT... Certainly they need to address how it works, regardless of what they think is balanced.

Just a guideline saying how much you can craft between sessions would be ideal,
or even a guideline saying that time is no issue, but you can't inscribe them on other characters, would seem reasonable.

Liberty's Edge ****

It's possible the prestige class is the exception much like how arcane bonded objects are the exception to magic item crafting.

Sure, but the lack of a specific time lapse between sessions (AFAIK) imposes an impediment to actually using the Feat.
If they want the Bonded Object FAQ rule to apply to use of the IMT Feat, they need to state that somewhere.
(and this case of IMT probably needs further specific rules, since it isn't inherently fixed to the Caster only, unlike Bonded Object)

If they really expect this entire class feature to solely be used by cramming in Tattoo Crafting during game time,
I think that should be stated as well.

Shadow Lodge *

Assuming that the feat is legal, because an indefinite amount of time passes between scenarios, you would be able to craft as many tattoos as you like, of course the spell tattoos would still be 2x as expensive as scrolls even when using cost, and I don't see much use for the other tattoos.


Dragnmoon wrote:
Since the feat is not legal is PFS does the tattooed mystic loose his 3rd,5th,7th & 9th level abilities? If so we might want to rethink allowing the class to be legal.

Yeah, right now they would lose those abilities. Though Tattoo Mastery might still work with a Tattooed Sorcerer's Spell Tattoo.

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