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buying stuff confusion

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion


okay, always available, I get

but, Fame limits to buy from factions vs available from chronicle sheet has me confused.

For example, Tier 4-5 of Silent Tide gives me access to a screaming bolt for 267gp. But if you have 5 or more fame, you can buy anything costing 500gp or less from your faction, right? And if you're playing tier 4-5, there's no way, unless you're seriously playing up with a 1st level or poorly played 2nd lvl character, that you don't have 5 fame. So why bother listing the screaming bolt on the chronicle sheet?

This apparent redundancy is the cause of my confusion. Help?


Because it's possible to play it at lvl 2.
It's possible to have not earned any fame.

The chronicle sheets contain all non-always-available treasure present, even when that treasure is only worth 1000gp at tier 10-11 or 267gp at tier 4-5.

Grand Lodge *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Prestige Points are not guaranteed. It is possible a character would not have 5 Fame at 5th level. Very sad, but possible.

Dark Archive ****

That's the point when you need to look at your Taldan half-orc fighter with 7 intellect and 7 charisma, and consider maybe building a character that can do some faction missions.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Captain, New Mexico—Roswell aka Rob Duncan

Redundant items like that serve the same purpose as the pizza party that the losing team gets in a youth league soccer game.. You give out "better luck next time" stuff so even if people didn't earn it so they feel included and special. ^_^

Liberty's Edge **

I love that connection to the Pizza Party.

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