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Is this still active? Has anyone been a part of it? What was/is your experience... It looks fun, from their website, amazing screenshots, but nothing really recent, it seems.

Link please.

Here You Go.

Arazni wrote:
Here You Go.


Just a bump, now the weekend is over, someone might see it?

I was a long time Aria player.

I'm pretty sure we lost players to Amia during various periods of turmoil.

Ah, poor Forgotten Realms. It seems its always facing some type of turmoil. Godswars, Scorching, the gods know what else.

Shadow Lodge

I tried to play on there once way back when, could never manage to get registered on their forums for some reason and ended up leaving as a result.

Played for a while on World Serpent Inn, which was founded by some Amia break-off players I believe. And I think we've had some coming and going with players to and from Amia at the server I've been on since forever, Cormyr/Dalelands Project.

So, is Amia still going on? Do people prefer other NWN servers now, as a result of the snafus?

Never played Amia, so can't comment on it. Do regularly play Forgotten Realms Cormyr though. Just pleased to see some NWN talk.

Last I heard it was still up and going. It had one of the more impressive populations for the remaining NWN servers (and while I can't say for sure I doubt it would drop away because of that). That said, your mileage may vary. It had a -lot- of players (as far as NWN servers were concerned) which has its own pros and cons with it. It was far from my ideal server but others seem to enjoy it.

Personally, when on NWN I DM/game on World Serpent Inn (joined long after they split off from Amia, it was well before my time) which unfortunately lately has been plagued with some hardware and server issues. After some especially recent nasty bugs we had to rollback implementing the PRC which sort of sapped a lot of my drive since I spent literally months coding and adjusting it to work for our server. Not to mention work and other obligations have been keeping me busy on top of that.

I never tried Amia. I did spend a couple years on Myth Drannor. That was quite a bit of fun. I eventually left when I upgraded my machine and moved on to other games.

NWN was a great engine for persisent world playing. I tried and passed on a couple MMOs because I enjoyed Myth Drannor more.

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