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The only faction that would take me.


Sczarni ***

You know. I am awesome just being a gnome, but I am a gnome master color sprayer. Yet you Sczarni are the only faction that would let me in. I am even a very good zarny-ist. I got a wand of vanish and poof away when I do the things he asks. Why does that guerrilla or ape guy always threaten to beat me up if I do not do things. I mean seriously look at me. I am 35 pounds soakng wet how am I gonna carry his 10 pounds of stone golem, jerk. I am hear to colorspray and take names. While the lackies he puts me with put swords in the blinded, sleeping stunned people around them. They should just make me the leader I am great. I do not see that guy named after a monkey cast ANY magic he does just paper things. Stupid paper things. Well I swear if he does send his goons at me they will not be happy when they wake up and I drawed on them.

Sczarni *

"Bubba ain't the brightest knife in the shed. I don't know how you're gonna carry heavy stuff for the Boss, but if we ever go out together, I'll carry stuff. Shoot, I'll carry you if you want. I ain't too sharp, but I can pick up heavy things. Ain't there some kinda magic things to make you stronger?"

Grand Lodge *

"carry your own weight, and learn to adapt to what you need... well forget that... enjoy what life has to offer, for it may be over the next day."


"Ohh, do we have a good tattoo artist among the local family? I really do need to get another one."

Grand Lodge *****


Little brother,

We all do our part for the family, whether we be adopted or born into it, whether it be the muscle, or the brains. Clearly your strengths lay in the former.

Also, do remember the most powerful spell remains useless if you can no longer cast it.

-Always faithful to the soil,

Samiel Enyeto

Sczarni ***

Thank you for the support famil-ish types persons

Hubba bubba we should go pathfindering together! We can loots lotsa cool stuff. I can magic you so we could fly or I could telepath us to another place! Unci Gorilla has made up with me and got me a person to help carry me when I smooze around towns.

Sammy Neat-O . You underestimate my 30 pounds of elite gnominess! I stole magics from the Jelly-Axes that I can do super quick right before people try to hurt me to protect me. I also have a blinkity blink blink ring and boots of get your hands off me I am gonna magic over there!

I am a greaterest Zarniest. I even had told the Adventure Cap'n to place his new lodge in the empty town for us, because the hot tub and cave would not be helpfull for my familty types!

-Super Awesome Pontifor, the Seducer of Blackros, Colorspray Master, Demonslaying, the Great.

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