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My PCs are a bunch of idle rich from Westcrown in 4601 who got heartily sick of all the religious fanaticism surrounding Aroden's return and decided to have themselves frozen for about twenty-five years in order to skip it all. They figured that was long enough for life to return to normal. They ended up frozen for about a hundred years instead (because of all the instability) and now they're dealing with a radically changed world.

I've been having fun with all the differences, including the appearance of drow in the world, but now I'm wondering what sorts of people might be flocking to Westcrown to interact with them. Anyone? It's not like there's a shortage of elves or dwarfs who were around back then, but the PCs have a couple magic items that were crafted by clerics of Aroden. Would collectors be after those? Is there anything I should be doing with that, or just carry on with the quasi-post-apocalyptic game I've been running?

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