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PCGen v6.00.0 Released!

Product Discussion

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I've got a whole bunch of fixes (in .MOD form) for the v6.00.0 pathfinder data sets sitting in my homebrew directory, and maybe I'm just getting old/going blind, but I'm not seeing anything like a "Contribute" link on the pcgen homepage. What's the best way to submit something like that? Should I just send the .lst files (they're all organized as fixed__<source lst>.lst, e.g. fixed__pfcr_feats.lst) as attachments to one of the mailing lists (pcgen_experimental, perhaps?), or send them in a bug report through JIRA, or is there some other method I should use to submit them? Or will fixes only be accepted in patch form (which one? diff -u?), and if so, what's the usual turnaround time for upstream acceptance of data changes? (If I'm going to need to maintain a local fork for awhile, I'd like to know ahead of time so I can get git set up to do most of the branching/merging work for me.)

Also, what's the process for becoming a regular contributor? I've gotten pretty good at reading/modifying LST files in the few months since I started using PCGen, and I'm also a software developer.

The best way to submit bug fixes are to create a JIRA for each one (or group of fixes if they are all closely related) and then post the tracker to pcgen_exp, AFAIK none of the yahoo lists take attachments.

Also contact Andrew Maitland and he'll get you started on joining the team he's the admin guy.

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