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Lucius Ranault ( Resident Everyman!)


Silver Crusade

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So after one PFS game where I played my Psuedo-Spellslinger Granz Vantel; one of my very good friends ( Adastragames ) commented on how powerful said character was and that it was such power that would cause issues for other people's fun. I of course retorted that I liked my characters being created to be good at what they do, not some mockery, and also commented that I enjoy the character regardless of the classes power ( Though I willingly make the choice not to play fullcasters for example ). This sparked a challenge he set the parameters and I took it on.

Effectively The character must have the stat-line of 13,14,13,13,13,13 take only 1 level of any class and include 3 levels of fullcaster with 3 different Stat dependencies. Nodding to the challenge it quickly became its own character. Currently in PFS I had not yet created a Lawful Good Character. So my Gut reaction was of course to Go Paladin.Also I picked Human and put that +2 into Str.

The way I have him function is thus - He has no real recollections of how or why he was at the Pathfinder Society and remembers only faint images and stories.. but is stalwart in a few things... in that he is a force of good... and that he worships Iomadae.. And that Andoran is important to him for some reason. Effectively I turned him into some sort of Divine warrior of Justice who gained more of his memory and skills back as he leveled.

For those who actually read that, I applaud, if Not thats fine to. So here comes the Build


1 Paladin
2 Unbreakable Fighter
3 Cleric ( Honor & Tactics Domain )
4 Spellbreaker Inquistor ( Possibly taking Justice Inquistion)
5 Ranger ( Possibly Guide, If Not take FE Undead)
6 Cavalier ( Dragon; Possibly Honor Guard )
7 Knight of Ozem
8 Golden Legionnaire ( Putting Bonus Either to Charms and Compulsions or Against Evil outsiders/Undead )
9 Life/Battle/Ancestor Oracle
10 Cross-Blooded Sage/Imperious Sorc
11 ???
12 ???


1 Power Attack, Fey Foundling
2 Endurance, Diehard
3 Fast Healer
5 Judgement Surge
6 Outflank
7 ???
9 Extra Revelation (Life Link if Life oracle)
11 ???

So at this point Im just not sure what else to take that last Playable level in, or if I should change the sorcerer level out for Witch or Wizard And on the missing feat choices... So I ask... What are the last to classes This character should take based on his concept? I have mused over Holy Vindicator or Horizon Walker a few times as well

Another note that might help, This character is supposed to be along in a group with A Gnome Bard/ Paladin or Sarenrae who Dervish Dances and has Hospitalier and A halfing Lore Oracle/ Sacred Shield of Erastil who uses Aid another on...alot of things.

Silver Crusade

El ka-bump

Silver Crusade

Hrmm, I am very curious how someone else would build such a character with the same restrictions .. I was tempted to instead go something Akin to an int based character with this as well

You could make it a Samsaran and have each different class dip be an echo of a previous life.

Silver Crusade

I would do so but Its PFS and Samsaran is not a legal race

Silver Crusade

As an Update, Lucius has just reached level 3 He has pretty good saves now and just picked up his level of cleric. The Scenario he finished Lets just say Im glad as well as the group, that thier tank was an Unbreakable Fighter with a will save and Heart of the Wilderness..also all without magic. Im still open to possible suggestion as I see this guy getting pretty fun. With his cleric level and Domains (Tactics and Honor) He has support and versatility. He can heal a party up via channel ( Or himself) for Avg 17.5 (32.5 on himself) and regularly Keeps Stabilize, Enhanced Diplomacy, Shield of Faith and Magic Weapon Prepared...

Clearly, that last level needs to be in Ninja. Because Ninja makes everything better. :)

Silver Crusade

Hrm you may be right I was contemplating that Mon Frier Adastra... Really the it would give Skills and a few proficiencies, But I might go rogue over Ninja because I did not go Samurai over Cavalier and the character really has no Tian bckground

Less sardonically: Summoner to get a Heavenly Advisor, plus, yay, more spells. :)

Silver Crusade

Hrmmm A heavenly advisor WOULD give me retroactive skill points though only 4 3 of which could be boosted by 8 ... hrmmm and it gives something like a familiar.. although thier HP would be a measly 10 and could at most just follow orders to pick stuff up but any AOE would kill them...HRMMM

Any other suggestions?

inheritor's crusader?


Silver Crusade

HRMMM Inheritor's Crusader seems to fit quite well with the concept, yet sadly I believe Justicar isnt allowed to my knowledge... I was also thinking perhaps Holy Vindicator or Horizon Walker as well

Anywho.. UPDATE

So Lucius has reached level 3 and Yesterday , was given the test of his life, where he used every feat, ability, wand and spell to survive a 52 round combat (Composed of 4 separate combats that went off at once) Him as well as A certain TWF Half-Orc Ranger Solo'd the fight after 3 of our group fell to the onslaught... He became a distraction/stop-gap/ Mobile Fortress while the Half-orc dealt out the pain.. After that experience Im happy to at least announce that so far Everyman is viable. Trust me when I say the GM threw everything at us and did not sugar-coat the fight as the 3 others got CDG'd.

With that knowledge any other suggestions or perhaps questions... Inquiries are fine as well.

I think I would start with a level of Barbarian and the a level of alchemist to make up for the low stats.

Grand Lodge

Guidance is Broke!

-- Broke

Grand Lodge

I really like the idea of building a character with restrictions like these.

What type of weapon does he use?

A couple of levels of living monolith? Requires endurance, iron will.

Silver Crusade

He currently uses a Longsword and a buckler and Sports +1 Fullplate with the Defender of the society Trait sitting at a comfortable 22 AC with the armor and Dex alone ..24 with +1 buckler.. The buckler leaves his hand open for wands.. potions or the occasional two handed Attack when wanted... I HAVE though of Living monolith but the flavor for it is SOOO Osirion that'd it clash

Also LoL at Broke.. Yes.. Guidance is Broken

Silver Crusade

Hit Level 4 , Inquisitor Achieved!

This feels like a character that will one day retire to the countryside to write his memoirs after a rich and exotic career. Future generations of heroes will learn from his example and be inspired to dabble in the pursuit of their own interests. Go with Horizon Walker at 11, simply because it evokes images of a man that has traveled the four corners of Golarion in his wanderings and perhaps end with Bard (Celebrity). Additional Traits would also complement the concept unusually well. Were it me I would probably get rid of half the traits you've listed in order to take that again and again, just for the added flavor and complexity. The Storyteller Trait would be especially appropriate, though it sounds like you'd have to switch to the Lantern Lodge for that, which seems unlikely.

Silver Crusade

Issue there is that REMEMBER the character has to survive one.. be useful Two and you can only have at most 6 traits.. three. (( As other traits are not applicable OR useful or Allowed))

Silver Crusade

Bumpuru... Now I have played a few games with him at 4th and I can say he has been an asset to the party time and time again.. whether its social skill or providing aid and support or taking hits for the team, I notice that he is quite hard to take down when coupled with Fast healing Judgement and Smite Evil for +2 Deflection

Silver Crusade

Note: Shawlof Life -keeping is actually a wonderful edition to this character.. and eventually +1 Adamantine Determination Fullplate..

Maybe a shadow dancer level or mammoth rider?

Monk level? Super saves and another feat. Take dodge as a bonus feat. Wisdom to AC.

Then if you take toughness (which is a good feat for a tank) you can go stalwart defender.

Druid level? Animal Companion, plus boon companion feat? More divine spell casting.

Rogue level also sounds good.

Finally Pathfinder Chronicler, to write down your tale (as per peasant's request) and pull 100gp worth of stuff out your pack?

Sounds like a fun extraordinary character. Good Luck

Horizon Walker or Field Agent.

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