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Suggestion - map / pawn packs for PFS scenarios / seasons?

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

**** Venture-Agent aka Rycaut

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An idea occurred to me the other night as I drew out by hand a map for the PFS game that I was drawing - and as one of my players was offering to print out maps in the future if I could get him the digital files in time (he works for a school of architecture so has large scale color printers)

Why aren't there separate digital asset files for PFS scenarios? It would be fantastic if instead of just images embedded in PDF files the digital maps and perhaps pawn sized images of key NPCs and monsters were available as scaled correctly digital art - either as a bonus in addition to the original file or as a small additional purchase (a dollar or two at most I think). This would make it really easy to print out such assets - it would be better still if these files were available in a format that could be used with a digital tool.

Clearly maps that exist as Gamemastery products cost more - but nearly every scenario (and especially many older ones) have custom areas - in many cases complex and awkward to draw (Among the Living from Season 0 being a prime example of a very large map shown at a 10' square scale - drawing it as a 5' scale dramatically changes the encounters and scenario as a whole.

The ideal would be if these were available with layers so could be printed out w/o showing hidden features (secret doors/traps/plot devices) allowing just those to be drawn or overlayed at the table as needed.

Anyway I know this is unlikely to happen quickly but wanted to suggest it to save many DM's hours of prep time.

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