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Zombie Battle! Or OOPS, the PC's are in for it now.


Sovereign Court

Players stay out.

Long story short...

Taken from here: e

The PC's have found an ancient Osirian Zombie factory that is a horrific mix of Disney Land, an auction house, and The Gamesters of Triskelion. It produces an alarming quanitiy of reanimated war zombies that are heavily modified via clockwork attachments and inscect parasites.

Through trickery they aquired 50 zombie warriors of their own out of 200 in stock. They are in the middle of the biggest Benny Hill Cheese-It scene as they just recently triggered some of the clockwork repair drones to go haywire and start damaging the place.

Now the madness happens. What kinda Resident Evil madness would you suggest I throw at them?

So far they have encountered:

Clockwork Zombies - Think Fast Zombies with the ability to do limited thinking.
"Mentat" Zombies - Intelligent Zombie/Casters who maintain the place.
Warrior Zombies - Advanced Fast Zombies with strength augs.
Clockwork Cleaners - Fully cockwork orbs that clean and repair the place. (They are trying to steal one they dubbed "Fido".)
Clockwork Guards - Basically the Clockwork Warriors from B3.

And one Div in the meatgrinder of trap hell they had to work past to get into to this place.

They know about somewhere deeper in the complex is the "Brood Mother" who produces the parasite bugs in the zombie heads.

Oh and there are 6 Cheliaxian agetns (and a Hell Knight) in site as a rival faction.

They are trying to escape.

Give me the HORROR folks!

Sovereign Court

To clarify. I'm looking for other Monsters or ideas I can throw at them that fit my theme of horror factory.

Zombie dogs? That's always a classic.

Sovereign Court

Joanna Swiftblade wrote:
Zombie dogs? That's always a classic.

Maybe zombie dogs with mechanical arms coming out of their backs that love to grapple them down while their buzzsaw mouths tear armor and flesh off.


Flesh Golems would fit.

"Patchwerks" - Necromantic creations made from different parts of different corpses. Like, humanoid torsos grafted onto horse bodies, for zombi-centaurs. Or large creatures made out of a bunch of small ones, that crumble into smaller enemies as the players tear it apart.

Liberty's Edge

A Huge variant flesh golem that snatches other zombies (or anything at hand, really), swallows them whole and has an internal 'assembly line' that repairs/modifies the swallowed creature to fit the situation at hand.

Ex: PCs using fire spells = golem swallowing regular zombies and they come out with fire resistance (by applying moist/jelly strips of flesh) and fire retardants (foam spray from new nozzles in mouth).

PCs using Channel Energy = golem re-configuring zombies with 'Dark Matter' reflective armor and new data input of holy symbol recognition. New long tongues or extra tentacle arm solely to whip out and disarm holy symbols.

PCs doing heavy weapon damage = golem re-configuring zombies with phasic shields, granting Displacement 20%. Or the ability to decompose into an ooze as an immediate action.

PCs running away too fast = new zombies with centipede legs to match/overrun targets.

Nice scenario!

Sovereign Court

Nice. Patchwork zombies. Very nice. I can go that route. Clockwork horse bottom, basically zombitaurs!

Sovereign Court

The Warrior Zombies basically have Gorilla style arms and 'running' legs crafted on. They're part borg.

These are basically Terminator's.

Joanna Swiftblade wrote:
Zombie dogs? That's always a classic.

Adding animals is a good call: the "factory" sees all organics as the same so you get zombie dogs, zombie birds, swarms of zombie rats, maybe even mashups of left-over parts resulting in Frankensteined zombie monsters.......

TheLoneCleric wrote:
Maybe zombie dogs with mechanical arms coming out of their backs that love to grapple them down while their buzzsaw mouths tear armor and flesh off.

and of course, zombie sharks with freakin lasers on their heads

Love the patchwork zombie idea... would have the golem in a seperate room, with a few intellegent undead in the doorway, hallway at a 90 degree angle to the door that stretches a few hundred feet... intellegent undead shouting out what to manufacture next... the pcs cut down most of the zombies when they see a huge hand reach through the doorway and grab one or more of the intellegent undead (golem ran out of zombies in immediate area), screams as he dissapears back through the opening then quickly silence, other intellegent undead fight pcs, with a couple newly formed int undead coming through the doorway a couple rounds later, though obviously much less intellegent. When they move into the room there would be a few more zombies the golem is manufacturing, plus, if the golem can grapple a pc, swallow whole, w/ automatic pin on pc from manufaturing equipment inside him. 3 rounds later comes out dominated with an obvious mechanical device on their head. X damage destroys device, but also hurts pc, pc staggered for 1d3 rounds after device destroyed....

Thats my thoughts on that one :)

Shocking webs fired by mechanical spiders, sticking clouds/cloud kills (depending on level) emitted from the walls as they get close to exit.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Tear-streaked eyes mounted in odd places along the walls.

Play up the smell of the facility. Make them save vs. nausea when the open a new door.

Ghosts trying futility to repossess their bodies.

Start flooding the place with poison gas. The dead won't care and it will give the PCs a sense of urgency.

Couple questions that might lead to some ideas -

Where's all the 'raw' material coming from to make all these zombies?

Where are all the 'reject' zombies, and zombie parts going?
What happens with all those parts?

What are those Cheliaxian Agents trying to do?
Do they have some type of Demonic support?

When I hear words like ancient, factory and haywire, the first thing that comes to mind is catastrophic equipment failure. Explosions and structural collapse are classic tropes of this sort of chase scene, but you've probably already thought of that. Since it's a necromantic factory...

1)Overhead plumbing that starts leaking green slime or alchemical oozes
2)Explosions not of fire, but of cold or even negative energy
3)An mothballed wing through which the PC's might escape... that has become home to something that feeds on the scraps of the factory. Some form of massive spider would work there (Spider Flesh Golem?). Its webs could conceal pits and other hazards of an unfamiliar layout.

Creature wise, there are five I would look too immediately, but don't use them all because three are oozes and that's too much exposure for a zombie based scenario. Animated Objects could include unattached limbs or pieces of corpses not yet properly transformed into undead. Necromentals (undead elementals from 3.5) might be part of the power system run amok. Living spells could be quite creepy... especially if it's something like an Animate Dead spell that reanimates the zombies they just killed. A shoggoth might be part of the body prep team. In Lovecraft's literature a shoggoth is described as devouring flesh while leaving a nervous system intact and aware for use in machinery... and your players will just love that prospect as it bears down on them. And there's always ectoplasmic vermin (also 3.5) which are mostly harmless but glow in the dark and pass through walls in swarms.

If you want to continue the horror tropes even further, check out the story/film '13 Ghosts'. The malevolent avatars therein might be custom orders yet to be delivered or simply security elites. It might also be fun to have a Thanatodaemon (I think that's the one that looks like Charon) make an appearance. Whether he's picking up or dropping off he could hint at an evil that extends beyond the one factory.

Scarab Sages

Patchwork is the way to go. However in order to mix it up a little, find a way to seperate the party so they are on opposite sides of the zombie battle and must find a way through. Or put the rival faction in the middle and see if they are truly heroic characters. Save your enemy????

Anything involving children or infants.

Zombie children wielding oversized knives, shears and razors.
Have them be vocal and ask the party members if they want to play.

Carnivorous babies crawling across the ceilings and group-grappling
players, feral-gnasher-style.

A huge zombie centipede that is simply made up headless/legless torsos with the arms still attached, sewn end to end to end to end. Have it continually ambush the party and get away, slither-skittering through ominous holes/passageways. members. Any who die and get carried off, they're coming back as something really, really horrible for the rest of the group.

Zombie sharks is pretty res evil, have them have to navigate a flooded tunnel or somesuch full of preservative fluid with random body parts floating for grossness and some gear-tooth sharks (lasers optional, maybe wand of scorching ray instead).

Or enclosed tunnels that they'd have to squeeze through with small sized sombies Halfling/Gnome etc. hampering their progress.

Sovereign Court

Matt2VK wrote:

Couple questions that might lead to some ideas -

Where's all the 'raw' material coming from to make all these zombies?

Where are all the 'reject' zombies, and zombie parts going?
What happens with all those parts?

What are those Cheliaxian Agents trying to do?
Do they have some type of Demonic support?

The Raw Material is seperated into vats and stored. They saw the 'disassembly' line and tried not to vomit there.

The zombie rejects are rebuilt. usually with mechanical parts to replaces the damaged ones. It's normal for the arena to be used to hold mock battles.

The Cheliaxians are sending adventures into to 'feed' the factory. They want to buy the manufactured undead horde as their minions. That's all the PC's have worked out so far. They are about to meet them soon and they 'might' learn the rest.

Oh yes. They have Devil support actually. (Kinda how they found about the place.)

I'm LOVING the suggestions so far. Babies, larger contstructs. All good ideas for when I reviel that the struture is actually LARGER than they thought.

All they have seen is one of the above ground factory floors the Cheliaxians have undcovered and set up. There is the Brood Queens layer, the lower crypts of unused 'creations'. The massive city below that where the previous builders use to live. And finally, at the very bottom, the tomb of the Pharoh himself.

I might have accidently made my first mega dungeon. ;)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

To the OP:
100% Crunch: Zombies has 86 different zombie stat blocks, and if you can wait until January, then 100% Crunch: Zombie Lords is released.

Any way we could get a copy of the man and stat blocks man??


Red Jester. If undead smiling jester isn't scary, I don't know what is.

If you want to go heavy horror, I would check movies such as Silent Hill.

Adding a butcher might be typical but effective (anyone remember Butcher from Diablo 1?)

Twisted homemade abominations always tick players because they don't know what to expect.

Bettle swarms, remember the Mummy scarabs?

Zombie's with various homemade templates. I made Crawler(crawling zombie missing half of body) and Splitter(somewhat tougher fat zombie which split's when he receives more then 50% damage) zombie's for example.

One of the most terrifying creatures I personally have come across in a game that would fit here was this shrieking wall thing in Dead Space; it was a warped, wall-mounted mass of flesh thaat spat fleshy pods out of a hole in it that "hatched" and fired projectiles at you, but the worst part was, with all the transfiguration the thing went through, it's head and vocal cords were relatively intact, so throughout the whole fight it was giving off this inhuman wail of despair...

One of my personal favorites was where it left the mind and consciousness of a former enemy alive and actually used machines to keep an enemy alive. It would fit with the half zombie and half machine thing going on here, except it left them alive so it could control their bodies and still use all of their individual combat experience and knowledge.

What truly makes it horror is the people have no control of themselves but are fully conscious of everything they're doing.

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