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It's that time again... Pathfinder Ultimate Game Day at Dragon's Lair in Austin, TX, December 1st

Local Play

Shadow Lodge Event Coordinator - Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy®

UPDATE: This event just got 100% more awesome! We have bumped this back to Saturday night and will be gaming ALL NIGHT LONG! You'll get to take over the store for real as we lock the doors and settle in for NOTHING BUT PATHFINDER 'TILL DAWN! Holy crap I'm so excited

Texan Pathfinders, it's that time again! Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy in Austin ran its first Pathfinder Ultimate Game Day in September, and we had so much fun we decided to make it QUARTERLY.

The next Game Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 1st!

WHAT: Wall to wall gaming, Society sanctioned games, and FREE STUFF
WHEN: Sunday, December 2nd at 11 am
WHERE: Dragon's Lair Austin, at 6111 Burnet Road, just south of 183 and across the street from Lamar Middle School

This time, the sessions will be longer, the prizes will be more epic, and the paperwork will be a whole HECK of a lot better organized! We're once again packing the store from wall to wall with nothing but nonstop gaming and RPG giveaways. We'll also have a beginner's table and a kid's table for those new to the game and anyone bringing little ones along!

This Game Day's theme is Winter and Ice, so dress up in your favorite fur cloaks for extra gamer cred and make sure your PCs pack cold-weather gear!

We will be holding a special charity aspect of the event: bring in a giant stack of nonperishable food items, and throughout the day you can turn in a can (or box) of food at any time to get a free reroll at the gaming table! All food donated will go straight to local food banks, just in time for the holidays. The last charity event we ran at the store collected over 200 meals! I bet we can top it, unless you guys think you're not as awesome as the Magic:the Gathering kids... (oh snap, I went there)

Also, I NEED GM'S! If you think this event sounds awesome but you've already played every scenario ever written, or you just really love mimicking the feral cries of various magical beasts and aberrations, I WANT YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS EVENT AWESOME! Email me at to snag a slot, or just sign up on Warhorn.

Our Warhorn site for this event is here

Game on, Texas!

Shadow Lodge Event Coordinator - Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy®

I think I'll start pulling prize support today. What fun!

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