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Reporting Events - Time and Home games

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

Liberty's Edge *

Couple of questions that have come up recently. Now my friends and I are new to the PFS but we've got lots of time on our hands and a great desire to promote this fine Society.

A couple of questions came up about event reporting.

If me and four friends are bored, sitting around, and decide "Hey, Why doesn't Josh run us on a session?" and I say "Sure!" Can I just log on, create an event and play?

Second - if at a Gameday or Convention, for which I would have registered the event well in advance, lets say I figured on two tables. But we get there, more people show up to play than we have tables - and we are allowed to toss another table in - How do we go about adding this new table so everyone gets proper credit? Are we even allowed - or is the Con Event Game Day thing set in stone?

Thanks for the answers, we are heading to our FLGS tomorrow to discuss the PFS and I just want to come off as knowing what I'm talking about. ;)

Dark Archive *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Class Deck, Maps, Modules Subscriber

1/ yes. You could even play, log on, create and report an event in the past. Try to do it in a timely fashion, though.

2/ When you report, you just add sessions as you need them.

It's a pretty smooth and easy reporting system that is clearly based on gaining from the lessons learned of the LG reporting system....

Grand Lodge *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Tales Subscriber

An addition to Q2

Yes - you can add tables. If you defined the scenarios when you registered the event then other scenarios won't show up. Just hit the 'show all scenario button' to rectify this.

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