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Mounted + Reach = Which Threatened Squares?, by claudekennilol

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Readying an action outside of combat, by alexd1976

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#7-00 The Sky Key Solution, by Jack Brown

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Gencon Special 2015 - Friday Night, by Kevin Ingle

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How do you handle homosexuality and transgenderism in your campaigns?, by Aubrey the Malformed

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Shadowrun-to-Pathfinder conversion?, by Seth Dresari

Getting some religion!


Sovereign Court

I am running an 8th Level Monk and I just went to 9th-but Im thinking about changing classes to a Druid or Cleric. Im looking for something to help me with defeating damage reduction and generally doing more damage. Any Ideas?

Leadership and a support cleric? :-)

RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16, RPG Superstar 2013 Top 16

If you want to defeat damage reduction, dip into a class that can cast Protection from Energy, then buy weapon blanches to melt onto your fists.

Sovereign Court

Interesting weapon Blanches?

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