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GM Hama's SF colony ship [Interlock rules system]


Sovereign Court

I need 5-6 players for this. First a short premise of the game, then a few points.

It is the late 21st century. The planet earth is dying. Well, more precisely, it is becoming uninhabitable for humankind. With natural resources dwindling, wars are certain to break out in the near future. In order for humanity not to perish completely, greatest nations of the world began, in secret, construction of several massive starships, dubbed colony ships, each named after one of the great philosophers and scientists of ages past. They selected the world's best and brightest for those ships.
When the time came, all those people were put into cold sleep chambers and ships launched into space, every one to a different solar system where scientists found an M-class planet in the habitable zone of that particular star.
Your ship is called the DaVinci, and you were selected for some skill or trait you excel at. You went into hibernation hopeful that when you open your eyes, a new sun, and a new world will be in front of you, ready for you to start your life all over again.
But, this is the real world.

Now a few points:

- While i will be using the Interlock rules, this is not cyberpunk, thus there are no roles and no special skills. Character generation will be further explained after the game begins.
- All i need from the players for now is to write a good character backstory (no need for it to be too long, just to establish character personality), and list 3-4 things that the character is good at.
- Character types that are most common on the ship are: Soldier, Technician, Engineer, Scientist, Medic, but as i said, any character concept is welcome.
- Please no lone wolves. Everyone must be capable of working together and be willing to do what it takes to accomplish the mission (that is why they were selected in the first place)
- All of earths nationalities are allowed

The recruitment will be open for two weeks, ending November 22nd at 22:00 CET. If the roster is filled before that, we will, of course, begin playing sooner.

Any questions?

Why is this so cool-sounding? ;)

Seriously, though: I'm interested. Do we need to have any knowledge of the ruleset? Because, honestly, I'd never heard of Interlock before. Would I be able to play without having the rules?

Sovereign Court

It's a d10 system. You have an ability score, a skill score, you add them up and roll a d10 and add that too. The final result is your skill check. All the important stuff i will put in notes for review. Also, if you don't get something feel free to PM me or e-mail me to the e-mail i will provide.
For now, all i need is some goodwill and a backstory.

Cool! I'll get the creative juices flowing and draft something up.

Liberty's Edge

dot for interest Sounds like a combination of Starlost and Metamorphosis Alpha...not too sure about the Interlock rules..never played them before, but would be willing to learn

Sovereign Court

Bump. 9 days left. Any concepts from you two?

Liberty's Edge

Is there an online document for the Interlock rules?? I would like to read up on the system so I have some point of reference!! Other then that, sounds very interesting..

Sovereign Court

Hmmmm, let me check.

This is the only thing i could find that would get close to that

Now i can tell you on what to focus.

Chapter 1.9
Chapter 2.16
Chapter 2.4 full

Anyway, i cannot find the basic stat rules, so i will write it here.

It's simple. You have eight stats.

Attractiveness - Pretty self explanatory
Body - Combination of toughness and physical strength
Cool - Ability to stay cool under pressure, willpower of sorts
Empathy - Ability to be human, to feel emotions and relate to others
Intelligence - Self explanatory
Movement Allowance - How fast can you move
Reflex - Hand-eye coordination, ability to quickly react to outside stimuli
Tech - How good you are with technical stuff

Each stat has a score from 2 to 10, where 2 is minimum and 10 is the maximum of an non-augmented human being.

Well I'm interested... thinking of a good concept now...

Liberty's Edge

I am sort of leaning towards a military/security person. He would be pure soldier with little or no tech knowledge.

Sovereign Court

Bump. 4 more days to go.

Daniel Stewart wrote:
I am sort of leaning towards a military/security person. He would be pure soldier with little or no tech knowledge.

Sure. Sounds great.

Sovereign Court

Bump, 3 more days.

Liberty's Edge

Ok...I am reading over the cyberpunk stuff and I remember playing this game back in the 80's...before shadowrun, I think!! Anyway, how much are you changing things?? Can I just make a regular cyberpunk character? You are using the 2020 rules, I take it.

Sovereign Court

There are no roles and no special abilities. (although they can be earned over time)
Also, no starting cash (obviously)
Yep, 2020 rules.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Wheew... just in time. Saw this, keenly interested. Expect a writeup tonight (within 6 hours)

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Alright, one of my infamous 3-paragraph concepts:


Dr. Aileen J. Donnelly is part of the technical crew aboard the Da Vinci. Her specialization is simulation software, its development, maintenance and adaption. She is physically fit, an extremely fast learner and keenly competitive in her field of expertise. She is expected to contribute to the necessary terraforming and adaptation tasks after making landfall.

Aileen is relatively young for someone in her position, having graduated Oxford University at 23 years, and reached her PhD at 25. She is unmarried and not romantically attached to anyone. In the pre-flight examinations and training programs, she made a few casual friendships with scientists and technican, and scored fifth place in the informal go tournament. She maintains good working relations with about anyone, but rarely becomes overly emotional.

Now, at 28 years of age, she is becoming one of the older "expected mothers" of the crew. She stands at roughly 170 centimeters, and maintains a relatively healthy 77 kgs of weight. Her face is bland, though not actively ugly, with shoulder-long light brown hair, greyish-green eyes and a thin nose.

Its bare bones, but it should suffice to get a first impression.

Liberty's Edge

Ok...well here is a quick write-up for my character..just bare bones, but something to work with!


Elijah Boone (Eli to his friends) was born to a military family. His roots can be traced to an ancestor who was a corporal in one of the first black regiments during the American Civil War. Since that time there has always been a Boone in the military, and Eli was no exception.

A career Sargent with the marines, Eli keeps himself in fantastic shape. Standing slightly over 6'5" and 245lbs of hard muscle, Sargent Boone was the divisional mixed martial arts champion, as well as an accomplished marksman and has taught survival at the Marine Training Depot for the last 3 years.

Given command of a security squad, his first priority are those in his care. He will sacrifice himself, if necessary, to keep these people safe. His shaved head and friendly smile are a common sight among the troops, and many officers trust his judgement over their own.

Sovereign Court

Bump, 2 more days.

@ TerraNova
I like Aileen. This will be fun. Maybe a smaller group is actually better.

@ Daniel Stewart
I like Eli too.

Sovereign Court

Bump, 1 day left

Hmm... I had a small bit with that when they were working on it. I think I would be interested but would need through next Monday to get a character fully up at the soonest as I have an 16 hr day tomorrow and the holiday thereafter.

They had the rules posted at the 2020 data fortress at one point, I'll see if I can't track down the forum for it and get some directions on where the rules are available.

Don't have the ability to code that on my phone but all the rules should be there.

Sovereign Court

No problem. This is a recruitment thread. All i really need is a small concept right now. But seeing as the deadline is here, I'll just open the discussion forum and put the link here. There is where you can post your characters. I forsee we'll be making characters for a week or so anyway.

Data Fortress 2020 linkified

Discussion thread

I'm looking at military background, officer: physically competent but not exceptional. Organizer and recon/intel focused, I think. Possibly European, not sure yet. Probably 1LT or CPT.

Sovereign Court

Well, that's it. The recruitment is over.

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