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1st Steps - Pregens - Credit to other characters,

GM Discussion

Liberty's Edge *

Hey guys, small question - sorry if it is covered else where, but I did look. :)

If I am running the First steps games for a group, and one player has a 2ed level or higher character, can they instead play a 1st level Pregen, and apply the credit to their higher level registered character?

I hope that question was clear. It seems a bit muddled.


Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Chester aka Paz


A character can never receive credit (from a pregen or otherwise) for a scenario or module where the PC's level is higher than the highest tier on the chronicle sheet.

Liberty's Edge *

Ahhh Thanks Paz. That answers a few murky questions for. Makes perfect sense when I think about. We are just trying to make sure our games are done by the book over here.

Thanks for the help and quick response.


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