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Kingmaker crossing streams with fairy tales and mythos (spioilers)


I'd like to take classic fairy tales, but have them end in connections to the mythos creatures mentioned in Candlemere.

The only thing I can come up with is Little Red Riding Hood that ends with a gug in grandma's house. I could use some more and better ideas, if you've got any!

Shadow Lodge

The wolf that blew down the Little Pigs' houses wasn't a wolf.

Jack's beanstalk extended up into the Dreamlands Court of Kadath; the giant he stole from was one of Nyarlathotep's avatars.

The witch in Hansel and Gretel was actually a Lovecraftian Ghoul. And that's not gingerbread.

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Go and read some of the original Grimms Tales. The Robber Bridegroom is one that could fit well with the tower, as it has canabalism, mysterious places in the woods, and horror.

Also, look into the one about the boy who learned how to shiver in fear.

The titles can be self explanatory, so just browse them online and see what fits.

Grand Lodge

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(You've been warned!)

It's a nursery rhyme, not a fairy tale.
But it fits the Wisp's of Candlemere.

"Twinkle, twinkle little star.
How I wonder what you are?"

The top of the Tower contains an ancient astronomer's observatory.
The ceilings painstakingly painted with the constellations of the region.
A dilapidated mechanism of gears and tracks, once opened a section of roof to allow star view.

Nyrissa's influence in the region has reach beyond the Fey. She visits the Wisp's dreams.
She feeds their hunger and shows the illusion of affection.
She refers to them, playfully as "Her little Stars".
They start believing it and take on the role.


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If you want to do Little Red Riding Hood, check out the Tales of the Old Margreve by Open Design.

The chapter in question is "Challenge of the Fang" - I ran it in my Kingmaker group and it was a huge success.

Actually, all of Margreve is great for Kingmaker.

I also converted the tower with the Babhoan Sith into a freaky mashup of Snow White + Sleeping Beauty.

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I feel the need to quote Bill Murray about not crossing streams...

Might be a cliche but you could always go with a Snow White type character sleeping in enchanted slumber beneath the tower. A certain BBE character certainly would make an excellent Evil Queen.

Personally, I might go with an Alice and Wonderland riff. It's why I did a conversion on Malks in Othos thread. May do a were rabbit as a white rabbit riff...

Erik: That's totally what I was planning to do there as well. Changed the Snow White part from SW: Seven Dwarves to SW: Rose Red though, since IMC the Narthropple expedition tripped the portcullis trap and left the place alone. When the PCs get there, they may find a ghoul gnome hanging by his beard off of the front door!

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