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Are we allowed to create handouts for players?

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion


Like crude maps or snippets of important papers or item cards?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

If appropriate. Most scenarios already include any likely handouts for the PCs within the scenario itself.

Faction missions, of course.

The dinner invitation in Black Waters
The map in First Steps, Part 3: A Vision of Betrayal

I have a set of "handouts" for First STeps, Part 1: In Service to Lore to help represent the various items in the Osirion test.

If I remember, I sometimes make handouts for the Knowledge (Local)/Gather Information/other background information checks to give the players.


I do; if it helps the session run more efficiently.

Certain magic items' powers, found spellbooks full of spells, etc.

I even cut, paste, and print the images of important contacts and memorable opponents for handouts.

Liberty's Edge *****

Sure you can. As long as you aren’t making any changes to the scenario.

If you want to print out a snippet of the world map so they not only know where they are going, but how they get there (like a boat from Absalom to Riddleport is an interesting trip, and some might want to know where the ship goes).

Chris Mortika used menu information for the dinner party in Immortal Conundrum, and printed up an actual menu on parchment looking paper. It was all very cool.

These things add to the immersion of a scenario. But don’t add things in that would make it easier for the PC’s to solve the scenario, or add things in that would add to the difficulty.

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Captain, New Mexico—Roswell aka Rob Duncan

I'd say go for it as long as any information that the players are entitled to have gets fully shared through the use of the handout and information they are /not/ entitled to get does /not/ get shared.

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka The Great Rinaldo!

I am all about the handouts. I print the pictures of the notable NPCs and monsters (when any are available), the "Where on Golarion?" picture that every scenario has on page 1, stat blocks for any unusual magic items or scrolls/wands they may find in game and want to use, and so on. Like kinevon, I have visual representations for the items in the Opinion test on FS1. My players have said they appreciate what those add.

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