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Good Module for Level 2-3 PFS party?

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

Grand Lodge **


My first players will turn level 2 this Saturday and I'm thinking to run a special event of sorts a little ways down the road. Maybe some sort of longish game day or even gaming weekend where I run one of the sanctioned Modules.

Which module would you recommend for a five-man PFS party with an APL of 2.5?
What type of adventure is it? (intrigue, dungeon crawl, etc.)
Why do you recommend it?

Thanks in advance! :)

Silver Crusade ***

If they were solidly level 3, I'd recommend Feast of Ravenmoor. It's a very fun module with lots of mystery and role playing, and a couple of tough fights at the end. The final fight might be too tough before they all hit level 3, though.

Grand Lodge ****

I agree, wait until they hit level three and then run them through Feast of Ravenmoor.

Its an awesome module with some great RPing moments for you and your players. As well as some tough @#$A% fights that they will remember.

Grand Lodge **

How funny, that was exactly the one I was looking at when I browsed the modules earlier!

It sounded a tad unorthodox and I was kinda planning on advertising the event as "caution, deadly, no crying over dead PCs allowed". ;)

Are the modules balanced around four- or six-player groups?

Grand Lodge ****

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Pawns Subscriber
Marcus Gföller wrote:

How funny, that was exactly the one I was looking at when I browsed the modules earlier!

It sounded a tad unorthodox and I was kinda planning on advertising the event as "caution, deadly, no crying over dead PCs allowed". ;)

Are the modules balanced around four- or six-player groups?

I think 4 characters is the core assumption. This one is fun and is also tough at points. When I ran it the party was large and ran the level mix between 2nd and 4th.

Grand Lodge ****

I ran it for a party of 5. If one die roll for CON damage went a different way, one of the fighters would have died.

I didn't think it was ever too hard for them to manage. Just perfect, in my experience.


Modules are designed for a party of four PCs. I recently ran a group of 5 PCs through this–levels 2,2,3,3,4. There were a few challenging moments, specifically:

Feast of Ravenmoor:
The group either decided to not rest, or they just wanted to plow ahead. This meant they were really low on resources by the end. The single toughest fight was the mosquito swarm in the hedge maze. The wizard sent his familiar to scout, and it had one hit point by the time it made it back. Between the entire party, they had 2 acid flasks. If they didn't have 4 vermin repellent among them, it probably would have been a TPK.

The last fight was pretty tough as well. They realized part–way through that the BBEG had fast healing. When it was badly hurt and fled, they kept expecting it to come back and finish them off.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this choice as well. It can be really creepy, and the player's paranoia should be really high by the end.

Grand Lodge **

Sounds perfect, thank you all!

Grand Lodge **

So, I've got a question about this module:
Why does the BBEG cast Wind Wall? It doesn't do much of anything, does it? People can still approach and whack him. It miiight make sense if more than one person is hurling arrows/bolts/sling bullets at him, I guess, but if not, isn't it utterly useless?


Marcus Gföller wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

I think it's more of a defensive thing in case the arrows start flying. Keep in mind that it also provides a 30% miss chance against other missiles (like bullets).
Grand Lodge **

But it does only three things, right? Blow away insects, blow away smoke/gas and defend you against arrows etc.? There's no hindrance to melee attacks or movement from small+ creatures?

Grand Lodge *****

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Feast of Ravenmoor

I ran it twice. Once for a group of 5 level 2-4. It did work fine until one player didn't show up for the third session (this was play spread across several evenings) and this was the clear reason that one member died.

If you have only level 2 and 3 then take 6 members.

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