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I need to know what style of gaming it is when you do not advance above 6th level, even though the adventures keep going. No one has better spells than third level. Nobody's BAB goes higher than what they have at 6th level. I believe skills may go up. Perhaps HP too but I don't rightly know.

Could someone help me?

I think it's called E6.

It is E6. The style allows only the gaining of more feats after 6th level. It is a feat every so many XP. Do an E6 search on the boards and you will find out more.

Yep that sounds right. Thanks guys.

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You can also pick other plateaus, such as E8 or E12.

What's the "E" stand for?

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I think it stands for "Epic". The base game can be thought of as E20 (anything above level 20 is "Epic"). E6/8/12 just moves the Epic line down to 6/8/12.

Useful linky

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