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Dragon Magazine Magical Interferance article

Dragon Magazine General Discussion

There was an artical in dragon magazine about too many magic items having strange effects around each other. I can't find the artical. I want to allow my players to carry a lot of magic items but with a hidden draw back. So I read on a forum about this artical that is in a dragon magizine but I can't find it. Please help me out.

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Try the Dragondex:-

Callum wrote:

Try the Dragondex:-

I have and with no luck.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I think I remember the article. It predated Paizo, it was originally for 2nd ed. Looking through the index, I'd guess "Magic Miscibility" James R. Collier 229(8) D&D2. And checking unsecured online files, that looks like what you are looking for. Too many magic items results in abad effect on the wearer?

I thought originally it might be Magic gone Haywire, but that is quirks for magic items, which make really good alternative minor curses on items.

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